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Q: Is it possible to ejaculate a second time after having intercourse again within a few minutes of the first sexual act?
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Can you test positive for THC from having intercourse with someone who smokes?

If the intercourse is regular, and you are receiving ejaculate form a smoker into your body without a condom, it is possible, Yes.

How do you impregnate your wife?

By having intercourse with her and insert your penis in her vagina and ejaculate there.

How does not a man 'ejaculate' when he is having intercourse in the vagina?

it means a guy has just cuim and most of the time there done having sex

How do you produce ejaculate?

You have intercourse and while you have it a white thing eill go inside your penis then you wank your penis into the person your having intercourse with and it should come out.=] have intercourse to thank me please im gay and i love girls aswell.

Why do men pull out too soon?

when you are having sexual intercourse men pull out when there not wearing a condum because they dont want to ejaculate in you and get you pregnat

Can you leak semen when having an erection?

Pre-seminal fluid can come out just when having an erection; this fluid helps to lubricate in preparation for intercourse. You can only ejaculate when you masturbate or engage in sex.

Is it possible to get pregnant if you are having unprotected sex and he doesn't ejaculate semen in you?

Yes there is still a chance you could become pregnant

Is it possible to get pregnant spiritually?

No. A woman gets pregnant by having sexual intercourse with a man ... or by artificial insemination.

My wife and I have been trying to get pregnant for an year now. I have a problem that I am not been able to ejaculate inside her while having intercourse. I have to masturbate using my hand and then w?

Go see a doctor

Why do you keep getting bv?

BV is an imbalance of bacteria in the vagina. Since ejaculate is basic and not acidic, having ejaculate in the vagina increases the pH and causes BV. Some women have BV without sexual intercourse, and for some reason the normal vagina flora is disrupted. If you are having sex with different men, that can cause BV as well.

What is the best thing to do after having intercourse?

If you are a woman, the best thing to do is urinate as soon as possible. This helps prevent UTI's.

While having intercourse and you have not broken the seal will there be a chance of pregnancy?

You might not even have a hymen and even if you do it wont cover the whole opening. The menstruation blood comes out through it. If he was inside you or at the opening there is always a risk for pregnancy, even if he didn't ejaculate since there is always pre-ejaculate.

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