Is it possible to end up marrying the boy you constantly fantasize about marrying and having kids with when you grow up?

Of course it is possible, but don't ever expect it. Always take things as they go, one day at a time. This applies to people of all ages. If you expect more than you get, it hurts. But if you get more than you expect, it feels better than it would have if you had expected it. If you don't expect to spend your life with your current boyfriend, then you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. If you do expect to spend your life with him, then you have a huge amount to lose and less to gain. A good thing to do is to ask yourself every morning "What would I do if he dumped me today?". It may seem a bit pessimistic, but you need a back-up plan; you need to be ready for the possibility. And it's not like he or anyone else will ever know that you do this. I've assumed that this is a boy that you are currently dating. If it isn't then the same applies but more so. -DJ Craig