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It is very possible to fall back in love with an ex. Sometimes the good times are more than the bad and the possibilty is great for a second chance. But as with all things, caution is needed in order to protect both you and your ex. Communicating about what when wrong is a good idea for making sure that it doesn't go wrong again. If he or she is the one, your heart will give them a second chance.

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Q: Is it possible to fall back in love with your ex?
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Is it possible to fall back in love with your ex and viceversa?

Yes, it is. It happened to me.

Is it possible for your wife to fall back in love with you again?

Yes, for some ex husbands it is possible for an ex wife to fall in love with her husband or, she may have never stopped loving him.

Can you get your ex-girlfriend to fall back in love with you after she broke up with you?

No she's your Ex-girlfriend for a reason. There's no point in it

How can you show your ex you are still in love with them?

There is no possible way of getting your ex back unless he/she likes you back. But why would you break up and then want to get back together? Ex's should be history, That is if your better then that.

How to ex girlfriend fall back in love b?

you have to get her back by fixing w/e you did wrong to cause the breakup o.o

How do you stop loving a ex bf and he that got back with his ex?

fall in love with some one else. If it worked on me it can work on any one.

Can you fall back in love with a ex?

yes. if you still have feelings for them. and who knows...mabye they will regret breaking up with you!!

When your ex rejects your love and says he does not want you any more is there a chance he will come back and how do you get over it?

Your ex certainly doesn't have a way with words, but at least he was honest. It is not possible to know if he will come back to you or not, but don't mope around waiting for him to come back. Get out with friends and start dating against as there is someone special out there that will love you for who you are. Your ex may get jealous if he sees you with another young man, but be smart and stick with who you are with because most couples that truly love each other do not fall in and out of love. Love does hurt and most people have gone through at least once losing a person they loved when that person did not love them back.

Can you fall in love with your ex again?

You absolutely can, i did (:

Is it possible to get an ex boyfriend back if you to are long distance apart?

anything is possible, distance is just a test to see how long love can travel

If a man is brokenhearted by his ex girlfriend do you think its possible he can fall in love with someone else in a short period of time?

actually yeah he can but it mainly depends on how he looks to his ex is he hating her as he's always rememberin her bad actions then he can fall again in love as he'll c it in new prospective

How do you get your soon to be ex husband to fall back in love with you?

Why did you break up in the first place, would those reasons still be there?

I had a Dream that my ex was murdered after i found out he decided to take me back i was extremely upset even after i woke up what does this mean?

you are fall in love with him

What do you do if you love an ex and the ex doesn't love you back and you are with someone else already?

get over it already

Can youf ex bf fall in love with you again even if he's got a new girlfriend?

Mostv things are possible within human relationships.

You still love your ex what do you do?

You should tell your ex and go from there because who knows they might love you back!

Does an ex still love you after you broke up a year ago?

it can be possible for an ex to still love you after a year of the break up...i know i still love my ex and its been about 2 years

Can it be possible to be in love with your current boyfriend but still love your ex?

yes, of couurse ..

You love your ex boyfriend how do you get back with him?

you cant

Is my narcissist ex done crawling back to me if he told me he's in love with another woman?

Only until he falls out of love with her. Your ex will be done crawling back to you when you stop accepting him back.

What happens if you fall in love with your best friends ex boyfriend?


Why do ex partners say they love you?

To lure you back in to a relationship. An Ex is an EX for a reason.

What should you do if i still love my ex girlfriend but she will not take me back?

There is obviously a reason your ex girlfriend will not take you back; she has fall out of love with you; you had a rocky relationship or she may just want her freedom. As much as it hurts you it is time for you to move on; get back out into society with your friends and either she will be curious about who you are dating or, you will find the right girl you should truly be with.

Is it possible for a girl to be in love and still cheat?

Yes it is possible. This is one of many reasons why women have affairs or cheat on their lovers with their ex's. It is because they still generally have feelings for them. It would be difficult not to as many people who fall in love tend to hope it lasts forever.

If you are in bad marriage and want to get back to your ex boyfriend?

Divorce them and beg your ex to came back! It works if your ex is a big softie or loves love!