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all i know of where to get it from is - i think it would be illegal to post it online anywhere else because it normally only allows you to update if you have genuine windows software

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โˆ™ 2006-07-09 11:40:49
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Q: Is it possible to get Microsoft Installer upgrades somewhere else on the net?
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Where can one find Microsoft Office upgrades?

Microsoft Office upgrades can be found at the official Microsoft webpage. Alternatively, speak to an electronics or computing specialist for further advice.

Where can one purchase Microsoft upgrades software packages?

Microsoft upgrades software packages can be purchased directly from the Microsoft website, Microsoft Store. These upgrade packages can also be purchased via partner sites, such as Amazon.

Which software upgrades can be purchased on the Microsoft webpage?

Microsoft offers upgrades to all their supported products. These would include but are not limited to Internet Explorer, Windows 7, Windows 8, Microsoft Security Essentials, and the Works Office Suite.

Where can someone get an upgrade for Microsoft Office 2007?

Microsoft offers an update service known as 'Microsoft Update'. This is a service from Microsoft that delivers updates for Microsoft Office and other Microsoft programs. Another option would be to go to the Microsoft Store, select your Office, then select available upgrades.

Where can one find the Microsoft Download Center?

The Microsoft Download Center is located on Microsoft's main website. It is the safest place to get regular updates for Microsoft software including patches and safety upgrades.

Why is unearned revenue typical for Microsoft?

Unearned revenue is typical for Microsoft due to the nature of their products, such asWindows and Office. At the time of sale, customers pay for the current version of the software as well as future upgrades that will become available. Microsoft recognizes revenue for the sale of the current version, and records unearned revenue for the value of future upgrades.

Where can one find upgrades for Windows Vista?

Upgrades for Windows Vista are readily available from the Microsoft website. Alternatively, these could also be found in any PC or electronics store on the high street.

What are some upgrades for peugeot 407 cars?

"There are tons of upgrades for these cars. Some include: trim upgrades, headlight upgrades, fuel return pipe upgrades, as well as transmission upgrades."

How can one update an old version of Microsoft Word?

If one has an old version of Microsoft Word, one would buy an upgrade for Word, and install it on their computer. Bug fixes or minor upgrades by Microsoft are usually free, but, full, upgraded software costs money.

What is the difference between Microsoft student with Encarta premium 2008 and Microsoft student with Encarta premium 2009?

there will be differences like upgrades and updates and these updates based on the errors in v.2008 and of curse they will update the information in (encarta )

Do Microsoft has freeware Operating System?

No. Microsoft is a highly capitalistic company. They haven't released a free OS yet. They even don't provide free major version upgrades like the way Apple gives for OSX.

What made Microsoft successful?

There are a number of things that made Microsoft successful. Some of them include having varied software with so many features, constant upgrades of their applications and making all software easy to use among others.

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Can you opperate Microsoft office small business edition 2003 on multiple computers?

The license is valid for one user; however, you should be able to get upgrades for more computers.

What are some of the new features of Microsoft Flight Simulator X?

There has been upgrades to navaids, more missions and improvements to tutorials. Added are some additional aircraft I.e. a321

Does Windows 7 has device driver rollback?

Yes you can ask it to restore its configuration to an earlier 'saved' restore point. Restore points are saved before Microsoft security upgrades.

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Explain ms access?

MS Access or Microsoft Access is a full featured database application. It has been in use for almost 30 years with constant upgrades and improvements. It is not easy to master.

Is there an update for Windows Vista for the iPod?

Yes, there is an update for Windows Vista in the ipod. It is available from the Microsoft windows site. They have numerous free upgrades available for many different programs and devices.

Why does windows 10 have to be activated?

This is to verify that you did not illegally obtain a copy (via online downloads besides from Microsoft) of Windows 10 and that your download is valid. This usually isn't a problem with most upgrades.

Will there be more upgrades in the future of instagram?

Yes. There are probably more upgrades for the app.

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RAM and HDD are possible, GPU is not really possible for a laptop.

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You will get a trophy for getting all the upgrades.

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The Best Way to Perform Windows Upgrades?

Windows is one of the most prevalent PC operating systems used by businesses worldwide. It is a good idea to perform windows upgrades whenever possible to take advantage of security updates and new features. Windows upgrades should always be bought directly from Microsoft's upgrade website or purchased at a reputable retailer in a box. It does not pay to trust any retailer other than Microsoft, online or otherwise, selling nothing but codes. To ensure smooth windows upgrades, first backup all important documents. It is also a good idea to do a little research into the best way to upgrade. Some Windows operating systems cannot be upgraded to Windows 7. Instead, they have to be upgraded with a full, fresh installation.