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Is it possible to get a fluctuating body temperature when you get typhoid fever?



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Be sure you have been diagnosed correctly by a doctor that it is Typhoid. The fever is initially low grade; then it becomes higher and higher as days go by. Along with fever, there are usually abdominal symptoms like constipation or diarrhoea. There is marked lethargy, sometimes headache and joint pains. NOTE: There are several diseases that produce almost similar symptoms. However, an astute physician will not only look at the symptoms but also will examine the patient. There are few signs in patients that may suggest typhoid - like the tongue will have a whitish coating, few red spots over the body and the spleen may be enlarged. All these symptoms suggest typhoid. However, the diagnosis of typhoid has to be confirmed by several tests such as the gold standard test which tells the doctor 100% that it is typhoid re blood culture. The organism is isolated, culture it on a culture plate and if this shows Salmonell typhi then it is 100 percent typhoid, but it is not always possible. There are other tests like Widal test, which is a serological test that unfortunately becomes positive only after the second or third week of fever.