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Be sure you have been diagnosed correctly by a doctor that it is Typhoid. The fever is initially low grade; then it becomes higher and higher as days go by. Along with fever, there are usually abdominal symptoms like constipation or diarrhoea. There is marked lethargy, sometimes headache and joint pains. NOTE: There are several diseases that produce almost similar symptoms. However, an astute physician will not only look at the symptoms but also will examine the patient. There are few signs in patients that may suggest typhoid - like the tongue will have a whitish coating, few red spots over the body and the spleen may be enlarged. All these symptoms suggest typhoid. However, the diagnosis of typhoid has to be confirmed by several tests such as the gold standard test which tells the doctor 100% that it is typhoid re blood culture. The organism is isolated, culture it on a culture plate and if this shows Salmonell typhi then it is 100 percent typhoid, but it is not always possible. There are other tests like Widal test, which is a serological test that unfortunately becomes positive only after the second or third week of fever.

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Do animals get Typhoid Fever?

It is possible for some animals to get Typhoid Fever. By danceing you can cure it.

Is it possible to die from typhoid fever?


What is acute typhoid?

Acute typhoid is very uncommon. But then it is possible to have acute typhoid, when patient gets the loading dose of the bacteria. Usually the fever is paratyphoid fever in such cases.

Is typhoid fever an STD?

Typhoid fever is not STD.

What happens to your body when you get typhoid?

When you get Typhoid fever, your temperature rises, you can get a rash, lose your appetite, have a headache, and get very weak.

Is typhoid fever and typhoid the same thing?

Typhoid is a disease..... whereas , typhoid fever is the symptom of the disease .

Where did the name of typhoid fever come from?

Typhoid is similar to typhus fever. So it is probably called as typhoid fever. Typhoid has surpassed the typhus fever in prevalence to great extent.

What is the meanning of typhoid?

Typhoid fever means a fever like a typhus fever.

What is the meaning of typhoid?

Typhoid is similar to typhus fever. So it is probably called as typhoid fever. Typhoid has surpassed the typhus fever in prevalence to great extent.

What is the common name of typhoid fever?

Typhoid fever is also called as enteric fever.

Is typhoid fever transferable?

Typhoid fever is transferable. Typhoid is transmitted by fecal/oral route.

How did James Naismith's parents die?

from typhoid fever from typhoid fever

Can typhoid fever be found in Zimbabwe?

Yes. Typhoid fever is common there.

How do you catch the typhoid fever?

You catch the typhoid fever by ingestion of contaminated food or water. Typhoid fever is transmitted by fecal/oral route.

Does typhoid fever attacts in kissing a person who's affected?

Typhoid fever is not transmitted by kissing the patient of typhoid fever. Typhoid is specifically transmitted by fecal/oral route.

Can typhoid fever cause coma?

No, typhoid fever can cause death though.

What is etiology of typhoid fever?

Typhoid fever is caused by salmonella typhi bacteria.

What is the name typhoid fever better known by?

what is the vaccine for typhoid fever called

What is the treatment for typhoid fever?

You have ciprofloxacin, ceftriaxone injections, azithromycin and chloramphenicol to treat the typhoid fever. One of the above drug can treat the typhoid fever.

What are some nicknames for typhoid fever?

Typhoid Fever its self is a nickname. The real name for it is Enteric Fever

What is the part of speech for typhoid fever?

Typhoid Fever is a proper noun. It names a specific type of fever.

Is there possible to get eye infection from typhoid fever?

You have bacteremia ( Bacteria in blood stream) in the first week of typhoid fever. The bacteria can get settled any where including your eye. That should be dreaded complication.

What is salmonella typhi?

It is the bacteria that causes Typhoid fever. It is the bacteria that causes Typhoid fever.

How common is typhoid fever?

as many as 1 every 3 people get typhoid fever

How does typhoid fever differs from salmonellosis?

In typhoid fever, the microorganisms become more invasive.

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