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just buy a frame and flip the vin

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Q: Is it possible to get a title for a motorcycle when the previous owner was selling it for parts?
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If you buy a motorcycle that has a lien on it from the Royal Bank of Canada through the previous owner can the bike be repossessed from you?


Does the vehicle buyer need to smog vehicle if previous owner just did a smog the vehicle?

I thought the selling owner needs to smog vehicle before selling it- the new owner does not need to re-smog the car.


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How do you get a duplicate title for a motorcycle?

Go to the local state DMV office and fill out the application for a duplicate title. The person will need proof of ownership and the VIN # of the motorcycle. Proof of ownership can be a bill of sale or a notarized statement from the previous owner transferring ownership to the present owner.

I recently bought a single family home in California and the previous owner left a motorcycle on the property -How do I take legal ownership of this motorcycle - It doesn't have a license plate?

It is abandoned property left on your property by the previous land owner. I suggest running a VIN search by your state's motor vehicle office just to make sure the bike isn't stolen as it is rather unusual for the previous owner to leave behind a motor vehicle unless he knows that it is illegal or is junk (maybe the engine is busted?).

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previous owner

Can you operate a motorcycle if all you have is a bill of sale?

Not legally, but there are always exceptions 1. the previous owner left a current registration on the motorcycle. have gotten a permit to move the cycle from DMV 3. your local laws allow for it.

How to find an owner of a motorcycle by the VIN?


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If if color title was not changed over from previous owner and previous owner went and got the car that I have the title what can I do about the previous owner getting my car when I have the title but still in his name

Can you refund a used car?

No. No previous owner would want to refund their used car after selling it to someone else. It was also based on their agreement that no refund will gonna happen.

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How do you get a title for a motorcycle you buy from an owner who never got the title when they bought it?

You have to get it from the owner that last had the title in his name.

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You can find sale by owner house selling tips on the following website:, It can be a great guide.

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How do you trace a motorcycle title?

If you are the current owner of the motorcycle, you can go the DMV for this information. The DMV keep records of who vehicles have been registered to.

Does the motorcycle owner have to have endorsements to be insured if someone else is driving it My husband bought me a motorcycle but the ins. comp said he has to have endorsements. he isn't riding it?

If he is the registered keeper and owner of the bike that makes things more difficult, although if he signs over the documents to say that you are the registered keeper of the bike then the insurance company should be fine with it, and by endorsements o you mean from previous insurers and not an endorsed license with points?

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Is there a law about co-owner keeping motorcycle from other co-owner?

There's not a law about that specifically, but you could bring a civil suit (probably in small claims court) to force them to either allow you to use the motorcycle or pay you your share of it so that they own it outright.

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