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No by that time the sperms have died. They can only live 3 days/72 hours in the woman's body.

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Q: Is it possible to get pregnant after 2 months from the date of intercourse?
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Your estimated delivery date is 27th may 2009 What is the possible date of conception and possible dates of intercourse you got pregnant from?


Due date based on date of intercourse?

.... 9 months.

Is it possible to get pregnant in one month after marriage?

Yes, just as easily as it is possible to get pregnant before marriage. The date and day of the wedding is arbitrary to becoming pregnant.

If someone had a one night stand in feb continued having periods up until may then found out was pregnant and due in feb is there any change the father could be from the one night stand?

No. Presuming the due date is correct, a woman is pregnant for approximately 9 months. Having intercourse in February and deliverying a baby the next February is 12 months. Not possible he is the father. The father would be someone with whom she had intercourse in May or early June.

When is your baby due if you got pregnant December 16?

If you are pregnant, there is no official due date. You could have a premature baby or a late one. The best thing to do is go to your doctor as soon as possible and find out how long you have been pregnant and find out a possible due date. The standard time it takes for a baby to live in the mom's stomach is 9 months. The mother's diet and health are some of many factors that affect the possible due date.

When did you get pregnant if your due date is on March 9?

You probably got pregnant 6-9 months before that.

If the due date is August 14 when was the date of intercourse?

Possible dates of conception would be between the 17th and 25th of November 2009.

If your due date is sept 19 when did you get pregnant?

Approximately 9 months before that.

What kind of pills to get pregnant quickly?

There are no pills that can help you get pregnant 'quickly' except perhaps Exstacy or a date rape drug that knocks you out and allows unscrupulous and criminal males to have intercourse without your consent. You get pregnant from having sexual intercourse during the time of ovulation. The amount and frequency of intercourse during ovulation will increase the odds, but there is no 'pill' to make it happen.

How do you know if you are over 3weeks pregnant?

It is kind of hard to tell until you get your ultrasound. But you can Google pregnancy calculators and it can help you determine the date of conception by entering in some information (such as when your last period was, possible days of intercourse etc.)

If you get pregnant December 7 when is your due date?

after 9 months actually, September 7

If you got pregnant on April 17th when is your due date?

count 9 months from april

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