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No it is not possible you will get pregnant.

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if the sperm touche s the vagina and is wiped away soon after the sex with tissue papers can u become pregnant

Sperm has to enter the vagina in order to get pregnant. Even if the sperm makes it in it has a long hard journey to make it to the egg.

Yes, it sounds like that was what was intended.

There can be chances only when sperm is fused with your ovum and so it has possibilities.

Absolutely. You will have to wait to see if your period is late and if so, take a HPT. Sperm dies within a few minutes of coming into contact with air. If the sperm was released during sex and you wiped it on your vagina....or put it in your vagina like you mentioned above...then this would mean the sperm was fresh and there is a risk of pregnancy.

It is very possible that you could depending on how well you wipe your fingers off if you massively wash your fingers you should be fine.

No! Not unless you have a tear between your anus and your vagina. But you would probably be dead then! Sperm has to get to your uterus to fertilize an egg, and it can not from your anus. But if you wiped the sperm out over your vagina after anal sex then you might cause that to happen.

Yes, any vaginal contact with any seminal fluid can result in pregnancy if it occurs at the right time.

Yes. Pre-ejaculate does contain some sperm, and one sperm cell is enough to get you pregnant if it makes it to your egg. Yes. Precome contains nutrients and seminal fluids for moving sperm, as well as sperm itself. So it is possible to get pregnant from precome. However, it is impossible to be a virgin and get precome in you unless the penis is wiped on the vagina. The mere act of penetration constitutes losing your virginity.

Only if you're completely sure that none actually made it's way inside the vagina can you rule out the possibility of pregnancy.

Mid to high level chance since sperm can remain on the tip of the penis.

its possible that a single sperm cell can cause pregnancy, and it roughly takes 4 hours for sperm cells to die outside their natural habitat, so id say it is possible, but not very probable

Yes it is possible you got pregnant when his PENIS entered your VAGINA, even for a short time. A man does not need to enaculate to make a woman pregnant! Plus, woman need to clean themselves after sex.

if absolutely no semen or pre-cum entered your vagina, then there is no way you can get pregnant.

Yes, there's still a risk of pregnancy if that's what you mean.

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