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you can not get pregnant while using a condom that is properly fitted and an is in good order.

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Could you be pregnant on the pill and using a condom What if your bf was without for a minute but did not ejaculate?

If you are on the pill and used a condom then it's very unlikely that you're pregnant

Can you get prgent if you use a condom?

unlikely but still possible. The whole point of using a condom is not to get pregnant

Is it possible to get pregnant when using a condom and birth control?

Yes the condom can break and the pills only 90% trustable

Can you get pregnant in a jacuzzi even if using a condom?

Even with a condom there is still a chance that you can get pregnant.

Are more able to become pregnant if you stop taking pills and used condon instead?

While using a condom it is not possible to get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if your partner is using condom and withdraws?

He does not have to withdraw, you wont get pregnant if your pardner is wearing a condom.

Can you be pregnant if he used a condom and came inside you while he was using the condom then he pulled out?

Condoms are not 100% effective, they can break or leak during use. So it is possible to get pregnant while using condoms, though considerably less likely.

Can a man get preg a woman with not using a condom?

That is how you get a woman pregnant, by NOT using a condom (or other contraceptives)

What are the chances of getting pregnant while using a condom he was only in you for less than a minute?

Chances are almost zip. Especially with a condom. As long as he didn't ejaculate in you it's pretty much 0% even without a condom.

Can you get pregnant whiles using protection?

Yes, if the condom breaks. There is a 2% to a 10% chance you can get pregnant even with a condom.

What if you had your first sex withouht using a condom is it possible that you can get pregnant?

well hello, of course you can. The reason you wear a condom is so it does not happen, be careful and always use protection.

Can you get pregnant if your on birth control and using a spermicidal condom?

It is always possible when having sex - the chances of getting pregnant with the two types of BC you are using together is very, very tiny.

What are the chances of being pregnant using a condom?

ANSWERIf you are using high quality condom and if condom was not broken during sex - chances for pregnancy are almost 0%.

Can you get pregnant if you are on birth control and use a condom?

you could since birth control and using a condom are not 100% preventive, but you have a better chance of not getting pregnant if you are using both.

Can a woman become pregnant by using your sperm from a used condom I am really worried?

yes it is possible but not likely and the chances are very low

Is it possible to get pregnant even taking pills?

Yes it is, but there is a very small chance that you will become pregnant and using a condom or having your partner pull out to cum will greatly decrease your chances of becoming pregnant.

If you want to get pregnant do you have to wear a condom?

No dumby a condom is for when you don't want to get pregnant... but if your not using a confom make sure they don't have any std's

Is it possible for a girl not to get pregnant without using a condom?

Yes. For example, she could never have sex.It's possible to have sex without a condom or any other form of birth control and not get pregnant, just like it's possible to get bitten by a rabid animal and not get rabies. That's just not how the smart money bets, because it's such a small effort (using a condom or getting a prophylactic innoculation, and I swear that pun did not occur to me when I chose it as an example) to avoid such a major penalty (getting pregnant or dying).

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