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No, He has to ejaculate inside of you in order to get you pregnant. If sperm was on his penis then yes. Yes. The sperm tend to swim upstream and they are tough! They can live up to 7 days in your vagina.

2006-07-21 21:27:51
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What does deep stick mean sexually?

Usually people say it as "Balls Deep", where the shaft is all the way into the vagina where the balls are touching the partner's/s skin.

What is it called when a woman rubs her vagina on the shaft of a penis but only inserts the head of the penis?

Unfulfilled sex. '

Can you get pregnant by swallowing semen?

No it is not directly possible to become pregnant in this way. However, indirectly if you are not careful it is possible as some semen will still be in the shaft of the penis, you should not have unprotected sex afterwards. Also you should take care and clean up any semen, ensuring that it does not come into contact with your vagina in any way. You must be careful however to always use a condom when having intercourse to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. noYou can not get pregnant as a result of swallowing a mans ejaculation. he has to ejaculate in your vagina to make you pregnant.No, it can't make you pregnant because the places it will go to in your body are not linked to your reproductive organs

Is it possible to get pregnant if he withdrawals and you sucked it up and go for second round?

of course its possible if ur not having protected sex >< and plus if he pre cums and still has sperm in his shaft it will travel with the pre ejaculateing liquid XP

Is it possible to lengthen a drive shaft on a Yamaha motorcycle?

Yes, it depends on what type of shaft it is to determine how your going to tackle the job.

Can you get an std from licking the shaft of a penis if you use a condom?

No...not possible

Can you increase the shaft diameter on a Briggs and Stratton horizontal shaft?

I am afraid not Depending on the size of the shaft on the thing you are putting on it is possible to get a bushing made to increase the size of the shaft. Go to your local machine shop and ask if they can make one.)

What is the definition of a cam and follower?

part touching cam: a machine part that moves up and down in contact with a cam on a rotating shaft

Can you repair intermediate shaft on Ford Probe?

Whether this part can be repaired or not depends on the damage to the intermediate shaft. If the bearing is bad, then a new bearing can be purchased and pressed in / on. If the shaft however is bent or has other physical damage, then no, repair is not possible.

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not possible. the whole drive shaft needs replaced.

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What are the possible dangers if the intermediate shaft is not repaired soon?

It will fly out in a violent fashion causing a mayhem. Seriously.

Can you get pregnant if the condom is put on wrong?

there is only one way a condom can go on 2ways if you are going to count inside out. In either case so long as the condom covers the glans and shaft of the penis you can not get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if the condom slides down but the guy pulls out during ejaculation?

If you mean the condom slid completely off or even most of the way down then yes, if the guy had leaked seminal fluid and it was on the exposed shaft, then it could have introduced semen into your body. The guy does not have to ejaculate inside the vagina as long as some of the semen carrying seminal fluid was left inside.

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Can you get pregnant if your partner was adjusting himself and then fingers you but touched the shaft of his penis?

You really can't get pregnant from pre-ejaculation, there is like a 1 to 100 ratio of it happening. I guess the only way you could get pregnant from that was if he had already finished outside of you and had gotten semen on his fingers and then fingered you. Even then, there's a very small chance you could get pregnant.

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What part of the body has a main function to fight disease?

The kreneosterone. Its a system in the reproductive part of your body. For men and women, if the system fails blue fungi appears on the shaft of your penis or the inner part of your vagina