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no Hello - Based on what you said sweetheart it is unlikely you will be pregnant from this encounter. But in future, when your boyfriend rubs his penis near your vagina or anything like that - make him wear a condom to be on the safe side. If you decide to go further, then definitely wear a condom. Take care. :-) seems quite unlikely - to get pregnant there has to be sperm travel through your vagina the cervix and the fallopean tubes

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โˆ™ 2006-04-10 01:31:34
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Q: Is it possible to get pregnant when the boy rubs his penis between your feet near the vagina while he has his underwear on and you are naked?
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Is it possible to get pregnant when the boy and the girl are wearing underwear but the penis rubs on the girl's vagina and the boy ejaculate?

The only way that would be possible is if the sperm entered into the vagina. If the underwear was moved away from the vagina at anytime that the boy ejaculated or after and the sperm entered, than yea, it is possible. If there is absolutely no way that the sperm entered the vagina, then the answer would be no. Your call, we were not there.

Can you get pregnant if the outside of your vagina touched your boyfriend's underwear with pre-ejaculate on them?

It might be possible, but very unlikely.

Is it possible to get pregnant if the guy is wearing a condom and the girl is wearing underwear and you just rub the penis against the vagina?


Is it possible for a girl to get pregnant from a mans pre-ejaculate fluid if its on the inside of his underwear and it touches the vagina?


Can you get pregnant if a boy is wearing underwear and your not?

If his sperm/semen comes in to contact with your vagina, you can get pregnant.

Can a woman who's a virgin become pregnant if a male comes on her vagina with both of them wearing underwear?

if he cums in her vagina, they are not wearing underwear. if sperm come into contact with a vagina, pregnancy is a possibility.

If a guy who may have had precome on the tip of his penis touches around a girl's vagina while she's wearing underwear but doesn't go passsed the underwear can she get pregnant?

It's unlikely but entirely possible.

If a girl and guy wearing underwear and guys sperm come out in his underwear and it touches girls underwear and then guy do fingering through her underwear will girl get pregnant?

yes the girl will get pregnant if sperm gets intoher vagina

What if he had sperm on his fingers and came 2 inches from my underwear covered vagina?

Sperm can neither fly nor penetrate underwear, it has to actually be deposited in the vagina to make you pregnant.

Is it possible to get pregnant if you wiped sperm in your vagina with a baby wipe?

No it is not possible you will get pregnant.

Is it possible to be pregnant if my boyfriend squirted but he was not inside me We were both naked and it was close to my vagina...?

if it was on your vagina then it could be possible. But if it was close to it then you may not be pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant while having underwear and the guy wearing boxers and gym shorts and the guy ejucalated close to the vagina area?

Unlikely but still possible

Can a girl get pregnant if the guy has sperm on his underwear then the girl touches it with her vagina?

The answer is no. the male has to actually ejaculate inside of the female's vagina.

What if you use a condom and wear underwear can you still get pregnant?

The semen has to be able to enter your vagina so no.

Can you get pregnant if there's sperm in your pants?

Yes, you can. Sperm are microscopic and can enter the vagina through your underwear.

Can girl become pregnant if the sperm flowout from underwear and boy touch it from underwear and then he insert finger after 10 minutes in vagina of girl?

Yes. If he had semen on his finger he has also inserted semen into the vagina. There is a possibility of pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant it seamen touches the out side of the vagina?

it is possible

If have sperm on your hand and touch your vagina will you get pregnant?

It is possible.

Can you get pregnant if he pull out and came on your vagina?

It's possible

Can a girl get pregnant if the sperm is spilled on her underwear?

If the sperm comes in contact with her vagina, yes. It is quite unlikely that this would cause pregnancy but it is possible. To avoid pregnancy, it is best to avoid sperm coming in contact with the vagina without protection or contraception.

Can a girl get pregnant if she doesn't have her underwear and the guy has and his penis touched the girl's vagina?

I'm not completely sure of your explanation of the boys underwear. Was his penis inside the underwear? Or was his penis out through the opening? If a boy has his penis popped out thru the fly in his underwear, and his penis is in the area of, or in her vagina and he has an orgasm or he has the pre ejaculate fluid that comes in contact with her vagina. Yes, she could get pregnant. If he has his penis inside his underwear up against her vaginal area she might or might not get any sperm close enough to get her pregnant. Unless they have started making underwear for him out of latex (like in a condom!!) cotton has never been considered a good method of birth control.

Can you get a pregnant if you and your boyfriend wearing panties and underwear?

yes, you Could, it's unlikely, however the sperm could go through both panties and underwear and into the Vagina and get some one pregnant, again unlikely.

If a girl is wearing underwear and a guy is wearing boxers and he pokes her in the vagina more than once can she get pregnant?

It is possible for sperm to go through the material, and it only takes one sperm. It isn't really likely, but it is possible.

If a woman is wearing her underwear and pj pants and the guy comes on her pants close to or on the vagina can she get pregnant?


You had your underwear pants and one hankerchief below it and you ejaculated and your girlfriend also had her jeans and underwear are there any chances of pregnancy your underwear and pants got wet?

No. The sperm needs to be in contact with her vagina, unless she was wearing your underwear she is not pregnant.