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Prickly Pear pads can pop up quickly. In as little as one year, the clusters of pads will grow to four feet high at maturity. The earliest it can be harvested as a tasty fruit is five years.

Enjoy! They are really tasty with honey.

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Q: Is it possible to get the water out from a cactus plant and drink it?
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What does the prickly pear cactus eat?

They just drink water like any other plant.

How is a cactus plant adapted to living in a desert habitat?

because a cactus is a plan that stores with water inside of it. it is possible because like never in the desert it rains but, the cactus is just stored with water.

Why does cactus plant has small leaves and few stomata?

To reduce water loss as much as possible.

How do you water a cactus?

you water a cactus with water just like you would any plant

Can you drink the water from saguaro cactus plants?

It probably isn't a good idea to drink the water from the saguaro cactus [Carnegiea gigantea]. A cactus plant tends to store its water in bitter or toxic forms. This discourages predators from raiding precious water supplies. So a wiser choice are the saguaro's fruits, flowers, and seeds as sources of nutrition and water. Particularly the fruits and the seeds are succulent sources of drink and food.

why cant a cactus plant on a marshy area?

Because a cactus can't grow in clayey soil and there is a lot of water in the marshes, the cactus does not need a lot of water

Why do cactus store water inside them?

to drink

Is cactus water safe to drink?


What do cactus need to live?

As a cactus is a form of a plant, it will require sunlight for photosynthesis and water to stop it from drying out and to help the cactus plant grow.

What plant can hold the most water?


What plant grows where water is scarce?

A cactus?

What desert plant provides water?


What is the plant that has water in in the desert?

a cactus holds water the most

How cactus plant adapted to survive in the desert?

The cactus plant absorbs plenty of water when it rains and stores in its stem. The plant survives on this water for rest of the ear

What does the saguaro cactus drink?

Like any other plant through its roots. Then through its xylem and phloem. These are tubes that carry nutrients and water.

Why would an animal try to get water from a cactus plant rather than a river?

The water from the cactus could be cleaner.

What is the main plant in the desert?

The cactus is the plant most often linked to the desert. Cactus thrive in the hot environment with limited water, they are often how animals get water.

What do cactus drink?

Cactus's "drink' water through the roots, which go deep into the ground

Do cactus plant have large stem that stores water?

Cactus doesn't have a big stem to save lots of water but then it converts the water extracted by the root in the form of gel.. u can see water in gel form if u cut open the cactus plant.....

Where is water stored in cactus plant?

stem and roots

Why are the stems of the cactus plant fleshy?

To hold water.

Do you have to water a cactus plant every day?

Not really

Does a cactus store water in its leaves?

A cactus plant has no leaves, they have been replaced by thorns. Cacti store water in their stems.

Can cacti hurt you?

The cactus plant can hurt a human with sharp thorns, spines, quills or needles. It also can hurt a human with its stored water. That water may be toxic to drink.

What is the difference between cactus and lotus plant?

Cactus is a succulent. They are commonly found in deserts. A lotus is a water plant.