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Yes it is. Everyone goes through the "honeymoon stage" stars in our eyes, hearts pounding, the love of your life beside you and you just can't get enough of each other. Then when we go back to work and reality starts to smack us in the face regarding working your butt off to support each other, pay bills, rent, trying to save for a house and plan for a family our relationship goes into another mode. We love each other, but there isn't time to sit there seeing which one of the two has the brightest stars sparkling in their eyes. Some couples (depending on their work) pass each other like ships in the night, or come home tired, while others are lucky to have a 9 - 5 PM job and can have quality time with each other. Once children come your time is not your own! Both parties should pitch in and do things together with the kids, but take time out for themselves at least once on the weekend. When the kids are out of the house sometimes a couple will look at each other in awe and feel "who the heck are you, and for that matter who the heck am I." It take time and work to get use to just being alone together once again. Some couples make it and some don't. It depends are how hard the two are willing to work at their marriage. I always think we are in "the circle of life ... birth, childhood, meeting your true love, marriage, having children of your own, and going through old age together and sometimes enjoying grandchildren or, if you don't have grandchildren just enjoying the freedom of retirement and each other and yes, after all that you both have been through it's still possible to love each other. I've been married for 33 years and I still love my husband with a passion, but that passion is an easiness, comfy love, security, and when I look at my husband and myself I am so proud we worked through the bad times. It's almost like preparing years for the "big race" and you've just come in first! Marcy

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Q: Is it possible to get through the honeymoon stage of a relationship without letting the flame disappear?
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