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Is it possible to get two negative HPTs and have two light periods and still be pregnant?

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Yes it is possible. Go to your doctor and have them do a blood test.

2006-07-14 14:20:39
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Q: Is it possible to get two negative HPTs and have two light periods and still be pregnant?
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Can one be pregnant and still have periods periodically?

Although it is very rare, it is certainly possible to continue to have a period on your regular monthly schedule. These periods are most often very light.

If you have had light spotting in between periods and very light periods for the last 3 months and have had weight gain could you be pregnant even though your partner always uses a condom?

it's possible, don a ten dollar urine test so you don't worry and don't be disappointed when it's negative. good luck joymaker rn

Is it possible to be pregnant after your second period after a 2nd trimester miscarriage if your period is light but you still have period symptoms and pregnancy test is negative?

It is extremely unlikely that you are pregnant.

Is it possible to have a tiny little light blood in early pregnancy?

It is very well possible. Many women have had actuall periods while pregnant. No two women bodys are alike.

Could you be pregnant if you had a light peirod and are on the pach and having cramps for over a week with a negative test?

Hello - The patch can cause cramping and light periods. But to be certain, see your doctor for a blood test.

Could you have light periods when you first become pregnant?


Your periods was 6 weeks late could you be pregnant?

my periods was 6 weeks late and i light periods could i be pregrant

If you have been having your period for 2 weeks and its been really light could you be pregnant?

No, periods light or heavy are a sign you are not pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if your Period is 4 days late with 2 negative HPT and light brown spotting yesterday?

Anything is possible. But if you took the HPT recently (around the time of your missed period) and it turns up negative, you're probably NOT pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if your last period was short and light then the next one was late?

I believe a woman can be pregnant and still have normal periods, so I think it is possible, however the best thing to do is see a doctor for a blood test.

Can you be pregnant if you get your periods for 5 days and its very light?

Yes, you could be. I suggest taking a pregnancy test. If it's negative and your next period is also light, abnormal, late or missing then you should go and see the doctor or gynaecologist.

Could you be pregnant if your period is early 2 months with no cramping and is very light and lasts only two days?

Yes you could be pregnant or you may be experiencing irregular periods or have a hormonal imbalance. If your on BCP this does cause light periods.

Can you still be pregnant if you had a light period and all your test are negative including your doctors urine test and Vaginal ultrasound?

NO. If all are negative believe it. You are not pregnant.

Got all signs of early pregnancy but still having periods with light bleeding and 3 urine tests came back negative 1 blood test came back inconclusive can I really be pregnant?

just accept the fact that you are not pregnant.

You missed your period 3 months ago but had it consistently the past two months any chance of pregnancy?

If you are having your periods then you are not pregnant. It is possible to have a "period" while you're pregnant (see iVillage article). Also, from experience I had light periods for all but the last three months of my pregnancy when my daughter was born.

2 periods in one month sign of pregnancy?

I had two periods in one month and I'm pregnant. So i guess if you're asking if it happens.....yes it's possible. My first period was "normal" and the second a couple weeks later was very light. Found out about a week after that i was pregnant due to nausea.

What causes light periods?

you might be should take HPT to make sure

Is it possible to be pregnant if you have had light spotting for a week?


If home pregnancy test negative can you still be pregnant and get your period?

No you can't be pregnant and still have your period. You can have a light bleed but not a period. As for the whole negative test thing, it could be a false negative.

If your spotting for 2 days when your supposed to be having your period and been off birth control for 2 months could I be pregnant?

well everyone says its normal to have light periods but i never have ,my whold life ive had heavy periods even when on the pill. when i was trying for a baby it took months and still had periods but this paticuliar month it was really light and thought it was unusual so i did a test and found out i was pregnant wihich was a shock seen as i thought u didnt have periods when you were pregnant. so the next following month i had the same again light periods and was still pregnant so i had to go hospital for test thinking i was losing the baby but 9 months later i gave birth to a healthy 8lb 2 oz baby boy so that's what light periods ment for me ,but at the moment there the same again and ive done a test and its negative so ill wait now to see what happens hope this helps

Will your period stop if you have intercourse and get pregnant?

yes. You don't get your period when your pregnant. when you first get pregnant though, some women have very light and short periods but that's it.

If you took 2 home pregnancy that were positive but then started some light bleeding with some light cramps that felt like period cramps can you still be pregnant?

It is possible to continue your periods even if you are pregnant, however it is rare. To be on the safe side i would suggest taking another pregnancy test

You have signs of being pregnant but you had a light period and 3 test came up negative could you still be pregnant?


If you have a sickness during a day and in the evening you test at home in the morning which is negative aftherthat you started your periods those are very light what you think you are pregnant?

This has happend to me. I did a second test a couple of days later to double check.

Can you be pregnant if you were 3 weeks late and then had your period but it was lighter than usual?

Yes, some people still have light periods when pregnant. Get a test.