Is it possible to get your ex back if you work with her and talk to her every day and is it good to still be friends when you hope for more?

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December 26, 2006 4:33AM

Is it possible, yes, is it still to be good friends, yes. Should you HOPE for much more, not unless you know she feels somewhat congenial to your idea. If she doesnt you will be let down. Forget about the workplace romance anyway. The old saying of dont poop in your own backyard refers to more than dogs. Move on to someone new and live life with no questions. It only depends on who broke up with who and depending on how the relationship ended. If the relationship ended with a talk instead of an argument, then it is possible. But if she hasn't contacted you in some way, let her have the space she wants. It also depends on how long you two have been together and how long you and your partner have been separated. If either one of you is still single for more than a month, then go for it. Don't pressure her into liking you again, she will make the decision on her own. You two can maintain a friendship and then relationship, but it all depends on time. Think of it as a restart on things. She will talk to you and want to be friends with you if you are still there for her. I hope I helped!