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Is it possible, yes, is it still to be good friends, yes. Should you HOPE for much more, not unless you know she feels somewhat congenial to your idea. If she doesnt you will be let down. Forget about the workplace romance anyway. The old saying of dont poop in your own backyard refers to more than dogs. Move on to someone new and live life with no questions. It only depends on who broke up with who and depending on how the relationship ended. If the relationship ended with a talk instead of an argument, then it is possible. But if she hasn't contacted you in some way, let her have the space she wants. It also depends on how long you two have been together and how long you and your partner have been separated. If either one of you is still single for more than a month, then go for it. Don't pressure her into liking you again, she will make the decision on her own. You two can maintain a friendship and then relationship, but it all depends on time. Think of it as a restart on things. She will talk to you and want to be friends with you if you are still there for her. I hope I helped!

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If you Stay friends with your ex can you still get back?

It is still possible. Since you two are still friends then yes, it's a possibility.

Is there a possibility that your ex for five years will ever get back with you?

It's certainly possible. It depends on how close you were, why you broke up, and if you're still friends..... but it's definitely possible.

Is it possible to change a relationship back to dating and still keep being best friends?

Depends on what both of you want out of your relationship or friendship and how strong it is.

How do you reclaim or get back your friends?

To get back your friends. . . realy the best way to get them back is apologize and make it up to them. And if they still won't forgive you then do something special for them and let them see that your sorry.

How can you still be friends with someone after they hurt you?

Men and women who have been in love NEVER stay friends after they break up, especially if one of them treated the other badly. It is possible to stay in contact with someone casually, but almost always one person secretly wants to get back together. It is possible to be friends with someone you once loved after a long time apart, but trying to stay friends is impossible.

If your ex girl friend wants to still be friends and she is dating some one else what do you do?

be friends with her she might get back with you

How can you reduce your back pain?

Ice it whenever possible. Every 10 minutes, stretch out your back (touch your toes, bend backwards, etc.) If it still hurts after about 2 days, go see a doctor or chiropractor.

Is it possible to be friends with my crush?

Yes, I was friends with my crush for 2 years, but I soon just went for it and told him how I feel. And he liked me back.

Is it possible to get my ex back?

well yes it is but dats only if you want him back too and if he still loves you?

Is it possible to be friends with your ex in the future if you had a messy breakup?

No, its not possible because there will always be that tension between you two. No matter the time lapsed you can't go back to be friends or just start being friends. There is a reason a relationship turns into a messy breakup!

How do you know if she is she is still interested?

If she still flirts with you, go and talk to her friends and see if she talks about you or if she told them she wants to get back together with you.

Your boyfriend had genital warts removed 20years ago and have not come back Can you still get them?

Yes it is still possible for you to catch the virus from him.

Why Justin bieber and his ex girlfriend back together?

Justin Bieber is not back together with his ex. They are close friends, but he is still single.

How can you tell if your ex-girlfriend still has feelings for you?

she smiles at her friends behind ur back

Is it best to answer back to ex that its hard to be friends if you still have feelings for him?

If he is asking you to be friends just let him know right now is not the time, give you some time and space to allow yourself to get over this to be able to move forward and who knows down the road but right now its just not possible.

What if the guy is bold but still likes you?

If you like him back but you are too embarrasd coz your friends laugh at you go for it. If they make fun of u then they are not relly friends.

What is the best way to get an ex back?

By telling them that you still have feelings for them, but first, tell them you want to be friends, then say look i still really like you.

You have some friends who hang out with bad friends and they don't like each other is there anyway you can get rid of them and get your friends back?

I would just say maybe you can hang out with "bad friends" and your "good friends" and turn the "bad friends" into "good friends" how do i know????? experience works every time!!!!

Why was Harriet happy to go back on her spy route?

she was happy to see her friends were all still happy

Its possible for a person to remain friends with their ex and try to start a new relationship with someone else?

Yes, it is possible. You just need to make sure that if you want to move on, you're only being friends with your ex and he/she isn't holding you back.

Is it possible to get back together with ex ended on good terms and cant get over ex n there are still some feelings?

Two people in an ex-relationship can never become friends. Its either yes or no. There is no middle path of friendship. You will just end up getting emotionally hurt every time you see your ex in someone else's side.

What do you do if your hotter than you should be for your boyfriend and all his friends start flirting with you making your boyfriend mad?

I would talk to him about this situation and be as clingy as possible for a little be to show his friends that they should back off or tell them yourselves to back off.

If you like a girl who is one of your best friends and your pretty sure she likes you back what should you do?

tell her the truth, if she says that she doesn't like u back, then ask if u can just forget about it and still be best friends.

Your ex says she wants to be friends what does this mean?

* 'Ex' means it's over and it's apparent most people don't get the message and she obviously doesn't. You obviously still love her so how is it possible you could be just friends. It's time to move on and start getting back into the dating circuit. If she finds out she misses you then she may well come back to you and if not, then she wasn't the one meant for you.

How do you get your exgirlfriend back when you are still friends?

Simple! You can always get your ex-girlfriend back if she/you are meant for each other. Otherwise stop wasting your precious time :-)