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If he does feel the same way as you then there is nothing wrong with going out with him. But he may be staring at you for other reasons, you have to ask yourself what your ex may have said about you, not saying he said anything but he may have. Say hi to him, chat to him, become friends with him and talk to him, putting him at ease may make it easier to ask him out. But don't pressure him, he may feel that dating his friends ex contravenes his moral code, if he has a problem, talk to your ex if you can.

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Q: Is it possible to go out with an exboyfriend's friend whom you never talk to if he is always staring at you and said hi to you when you said hi to him and how can you get him?
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Is it always a good thing for people to be staring at you?

It depends entirely on how the person feels about being stared at. If you want to, you can ask a friend if they know why people are staring at you.

How can you tell if a boy like a girl?

they are always staring at you and telling there friend you are ugly but they know that the LOVE you

He flirts with your friend but is staring at you?

He is trying to make you jelous

What if you can feel your guy friend staring at you and when you turn to look at him in the hopes he'll turn away he doesn't and just keeps staring at you?

he may like you as more than a friend

What is social image?

To always laugh and happy and try and have as many friends as possible but always have a best friend

Why was my guy friend staring at me when i was singing?

Maybe he was staring at you because he enjoyed your singing. The only way to know for sure is to ask him.

What if your male friend stared at you on your second meeting?

there is absolutely nothing in staring=)

What if the guy you like is staring at you does he like you or not?

If he is your friend he probably has a small crush on you but it won't last for long. If he is not a friend he probably does not like you):

What does it mean if a guy in your class always stares at you and smiles and when you turn around to talk to your friend you catch him staring at you?

It sounds like he finds you attractive and is interested in him. If you like him, smile back and see where it goes from there.

What does it mean when your boyfriend's best friend keeps staring at you?

Because he likes you and is jelious of your boyfriend

How do you know if a guy is staring at you in class or not?

Well, if you have a friend in that class, ask them to give a quick and casual glance so that the boy doesn't see, but your friend does. If possible ask them without the guy seeing or being able to tell. He may not even notice he's doing it.

How do you tell if your exboyfriends friend likes you but is dating your best friend?

You can never tell ive tried to tell my best friend that he is cheating on her IN SCHOOL people watched them make out and im only in middle school. But you gotta know hes not right for you if hes hitting on you and dating someone else. My ex wants to be my friend never do that because it brings up old emotions.

If you feel like someone who hates you is staring at you and when you look across it looks like them and their friend is staring at you does it mean they are talking bad about you?

It could be, I've had some of both, yes and no. It could mean that your 'someone that hates you' is saying something bad about you, but your friend could be just listening to that person, or, if your friend agrees that whatever bad the other person is talking about you is right, then your 'friend' is probably not really your friend. You should try talking to your friend about it.

How do you know when a close gay friend likes you as more than a friend?

Well, i think that this is quite obvious, however i shall most cases your friend will be a little physical with you but it may fly right over your head... here's a little guide that will helps you to know if you friend likes you: Glare ~your friend is always staring at you... Ask ~your friend denies the "are you gay question" Yes ~your friend always says yes to any favors you ask of them, no matter what... I hope this helps and if this proves to be true, relax talk with your friend about it and eventually it will pass over, and if it doesn't make it clear that you are straight, in a respectful way of course...

Do exboyfriends keep you as friends to keep you to themselves?

Some may, some may genuinely like you but just are not interested in you more than a friend and some may just be being nice since you just broke up.

What do you do if you told your brothers friend about your bra size on msn and they told your brother and they keep staring at you because you told them that?

Just ignore it, the probably like you, if you like one of them go up to him and say " Since your always staring at my boobs I assume you like me, so do you want to go out?" Then let him feel your boobs. It feels great for you and the boy.

How do you know if your friend likes your friend?

You know if your friend is constantly trying to be with or next to this person that he/she might like. Also, you know if your friend talks about this person that he/she likes and if you sometimes catch your friend staring at the person he/she might like. (Your Welcome) =)

If a boy keeps staring at you should you tell him not to or leave it and you dont like it?

You see if he's staring at you and you don't like it, ask one of your best friends to ask him if fancy's you and if he says yes and you don't fancy him get your best friend to either put him off you or to tell him to stop staring at you.

Why does your boyfriend always invite others to hang out with us?

It's possible that he's afraid to be with you alone. It's possible that he doesn't consider himself as your boyfriend and just another friend to hang out with.

What do i do to help a friend who is just staring anger management?

Just continue being friends. He's [I am presuming your friend is male; that may not be correct] doing the work; you have no obligations.

You like this guy and so your best friend asked him if he does he said no but how come he keeps staring at you?

Maybe he lied and he does like you.

What a woman means when she says ill always care for you as a friend?

She will always like you as a friend, no matter what.

Who want to be a friend with you?

your mom is always a friend you can trust

Is it possible for a friend who is not the father to gain sympathy weight when a friend is pregnant?

it can be possible. they could be under stress with making sure there friend is doing okay.

If my friend have cancer what should I do?

be their friend and give them all the support that you possible can And I know if I had cancer I wouldn't want to be treated very different like I am fragile or anything but be careful and always be there through the ups and the downs.