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Yes it is possible. Take your time and slowly let your friend know how much you care for her. You could simply say something like, "How about going out on an actual date to see what it's like." She may jump at the chance, or she may ask what would make you say something. You just have to say that you both have such a great time together and so much fun that it would nice to try to see what it would be like to go out on a date together and if the relationship could go any further and if not, you can still remain friends. Many long-lasting marriages start out from a well rounded friendship. Although I was attracted to my second husband we were friends first and we hung around with some fun-loving people. We took it slow and easy and I know it can work because we've been married a long time and still have fun. It can't. She's a girl and your a boy, and a friendship after a relationship, albeit well intentioned, will never last. She'll date and you'll date, and -- bang!, it's over.

2006-08-02 21:08:11
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Q: Is it possible to have a more serious relationship with someone you have been good friends with?
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How do you deal with a relationship when a man tells you he does not want to be in a serious relationship to dump or not to dump?

Dump him baby, Maybe you get lucky and you meet me someday. That depends on what you want out of the relationship. If you are comfortable with a relationship that is not serious, then stay in it and enjoy it. If you want something else out of the relationship, then tell him and move on. There are nicer ways to end relationships than "dumping" someone. Perhaps it is possible for you to remain friends while you both move your separate ways. Good luck.

Is it possible to maintain a regular relationship with someone with mental illness?

it is but its not advisable Of course it is! People with a mental disorder are still people and it is always possible to have a regular relationship with a person. Believing that it's not possible is a serious stigma that people with mental disorders have to deal with, and it can be very damaging.

What do I do if my girlfriend does not want to be in a serious relationship?

If your girlfriend does not want a serious relationship at the moment, then you need to decide what you want. If you are okay with a casual relationship then you should stay with her. But if it will only hurt you to not be in a more serious relationship, then perhaps it would be best for you to move on and find someone that wants the same things out of a relationship that you do.

What is the difference between Cant and Not Ready for a serious relationship?

There is no great difference but if someone is using this in anyway they are definitely not ready for any type of committed or serious relationship.

Is it possible to have a relationship over two different continents?

Yes it is possible to have a relationship with someone living in another continent.

Its possible for a person to remain friends with their ex and try to start a new relationship with someone else?

Yes, it is possible. You just need to make sure that if you want to move on, you're only being friends with your ex and he/she isn't holding you back.

What exceptation can you have when you're seeing someone casually and you're not serious in the relationship?

that kind of relationship does not exist in a womans mind

What is mean by love?

They won't of said it as a joke, if you are loved by someone your relationship is serious.

Can a 9 year old have a boyfriend?

If the parents approve and it's not thought of as a serious relationship. It's not like it's bad to have someone you like. But to be honest, its better just being friends at 9.

Where can you get tips on relationship counseling?

You ask someone close to you or ask your friends.

What does you just want to be friends mean?

It means u dont want a relationship with someone, just to be friends

What is a Tumblr relationship?

I am guessing a tumblr relationship is maybe on tumblr you meet someone there and you be friends,BFFs, BF and GF

What if your are good friends with someone ask her out she says only as friends but yet she still wants to see you and bring food offer a picture she didseen her every weekend since start of semester?

It is your choice do you want to be in this relationship and do you Ike her if you and her are serious enough go for it!!! GOOD LUCK

Should you go for the friend that does like you but is afraid of a relationship or for someone from a more upperclass with slightly conservative POV in life that you have less in common with?

You sound like you are trading off stocks and bonds and not dealing with the reality of what a true relationship is. If your friend is afraid of a serious relationship there is no reason you cannot remain friends and, if you choose to be with the other person on a friendship basis and have less in common then perhaps you could just be friends with them as well. There is no rush for a serious relationship. The person who is afraid of a relationship may well change in the future and the person you have nothing in common with may well teach you other aspects of life.

Advantages of having a serious relationship?

Consistent sex. Emotional stability. Always have someone there to make you a sammich.

What should i do with my ex?

It is time to move on and look for someone else. A so called "open relationship" is not the answer to forming a stable relationship. You are too young to get too serious with anyone. Aim for a friendship with a few mates rather than a serious relationship with a single boy..

Is it possible to have a romantic relationship with someone you love and hate at the same time?


How do sneak a relationship?

Do you mean like cheating on someone or trying to hide it from friends and family?

How do you brainwash a man into falling in love with you?

I do not recommend using serious manipulative tactics to develop a relationship. You do not want to be in a relationship with someone unless they are there to love you of their own free will.

Can you go out with someone your friends hate?

If you truly love that person then yes. Don't listen to your friends if you know you love them they will have to accept your relationship.

What is the percent for best friends to get married when they grow up?

Best friends simply got they? Boy... Someone involved must have a serious something sorted out

Is normal to have a crush even if you are in a long term relationship and love your partner?

It's normal to have a crush even if you are in a serious relationship. Crushes are typically innocent admiration from afar. But it ends there. If a crush develops into flirting, you are risking your current relationship. If you have serious feelings for someone else, reevaluate your relationship and be honest with your partner about how you feel.

Is it possible to hate someone?

yes it is possible but you should never take ity out on any of you friends or anyone else

How long should you be dating before going steady?

don't worry about it. you can't really plan on a relationship getting serious. just date around and have fun. if you find someone you want to have a serious relationship with, you'll know, and it will just happen

Is tyler perry in a relationship?

Yes, he is communicating with someone very special. And no it is not Gelila Bekele. Gelila and Tyler are just friends(platonic friends).