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Yes, it all depends on the HcG levels.

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Q: Is it possible to have a negative pregnancy test but later to become positive?
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Can an in home pregnancy test that was negative become positive after a few days of sitting there?

nahhh thats not possible

When I took first pregnancy test its become negative but I took second pregnancy test its become positive now what can I do?

Try one more time. If it is again positive, then you probably are pregnant.

Why negative pregnancy test then it was positive?

No pregnancy test is 100% accurate. Sometimes the result is wrong, and that is shown by a subsequent test, or by later events. Depending on how much time elapses, it is also possible for a woman to become pregnant between taking the first (negative) test and the second (positive) test.

Could a yeast infection cause a pregnancy test to be negative even if you are pregnant?

No. The only thing that will cause a negative pregnancy test is no HCG in your Urine. A pregnancy test will only become positive when HCG has been detected in your Urine. If it does not become positive then no HCG has been detected. Test in a week and if it is still negative then see your doctor for a blood test or confirmation.

When multiplying negative integers does it become negative or positive?

Negative times negative equals positive.

Is a negative subtract a negative a positive?

Yes. A negative subtracted by a negative is a positive. Just remember that two like signs become a positive sign, and two unlike signs become a negative sign.

When we lose something negative you become?

When we lose something negative you become positive.

When you lose something positive you become?

When you lose something positive you become negative.

When metals donate an electron do they become positive or negative?


How do you change a negative number into a decimal?

You divide the negative number by a positive number for it to stay positive. And you divide the negative number by a negative number for it to become positive.

When gaining electrons does an atom become negative or positive?

The atom become negative - anion.

What is a negative ion and a positive ion?

when an atom loose electron it become negative ion and when it gains electron it become positive ion

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