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No. If the speed is always zero, then the average of its speed

at any two points in time is also zero.

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It means that if the situation is as bad as possible, or almost as bad as possible, then it is almost ready to get better. EDIT. The quote would have originally came from the fact that it is always darkest the hour before the sun rises. The metaphorical meaning would be; when your situation is as bad(dark) as possible, it will soon be better then ever(light).

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The particle theory of matter states that matter is composed of tiny particles that are always in constant motion.

It's not possible for any particle with a non-zero invariant mass to travel at the speed of light in a vacuum. It must always travel more slowly than that.It is possible for particles to travel faster than the speed of light in some other material.

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Particle is piecewise, particle may come in many size and many mass content. Mass is measuring of matter using scale (kg or Pound or whatever). Mass can be count as fraction but particle always integer.

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Newtons third law says that the action and reaction forces in any situation will always be equal.

ydrogen partiles and an oxygen particle

A colloid is an extremely tiny particle that never settles out of suspension.

-- A photon has no 'rest mass', and always travels at the speed of light. -- A 'material particle' has rest mass, and never travels at the speed of light.

particles move because when they do not the attraction of a particle and another stops making the particle theory wrong particles are always moving it what makes the attraction stronger

The ionic particle with a positive charge is the cation (pronounce cat-ion). The negative particle is the anion (pronounced an-ion). A simple way to remember which is which, is to break "anion" down to the words "a-negative-ion. You will always remember this.

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One possible conjecture: The product is always an odd number. Another possible conjecture: The product is always greater than either of them. Another possible conjecture: Both odd numbers are always factors of the product. Another possible conjecture: The product is never a multiple of ' 2 '. Another possible conjecture: The product is always a real, rational number. Another possible conjecture: The product is always an integer.

A motion is simple harmonic if the acceleration of the particle is proportional to the displacement of the particle from the mean position and the acceleration is always directed towards that mean position.

Ions are charged particles. As a consequence, ions will always be charged. Should the charge be neutralized, the particle is no longer an ion. Yes, it is true that an ion is always charged.

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