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Is it possible to have goose bumps on your face How Why?


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June 09, 2009 1:27PM

Yes it is possible. I get goose bumps on my face very often, because I am a girl and have no hair on my face no hair raises. But my face gets a quick patch of bumps on my cheeks. I still haven't met anyone else who gets them! Yes, I get goosebumps on my face all the time. I get them when Im cold, and I know this is cheesy but my ex used to bite on my neck to give them to me on purpose. When I get the goosebumps it makes my face look like I have acne scars, on my cheeks then they just go away. Iam not hairy just normal peach fuzz, and I also have never met anyone else who gets them. I also get goosebumps on my face, and as the other person above says they do look like acne scars for the few seconds that they last :)