Is it possible to have pregnancy symptoms 3 days after sex?

No, you cannot have symptoms 3 days after sex. It takes at least a couple to few weeks to begin showing signs. Signs may include frequent urination, increased hunger, lower abdominal cramping, and after a month or two, vomiting. If you are worried you may be pregnant, you can purchase the morning after pill, Plan B at a pharmacy over the counter, you just have to show an ID of 18. It's about $45. There is also a Mexican tea called epazote you can buy which was used by the mayans and Aztecs as "natural birth control... " It's about two dollars at any Mexican tienda. It has been proven to cause natural well.. abortions. You will not show signs of pregnancy until after you have missed a period though... even then it's hard to tell, b/c you can always have a miscarrige. Chances are though... unless you felt warm sperm go inside of you, and you had sex during one of your two ovulation days, you're not pregnant. It's more difficult to get pregnant than ppl make it out to be, so until you miss a period, don't worry too much.