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Is it possible to have shingles appear as one to a few bumps randomly on each limb and a concentration of them on the hip and buttock area?


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Shingles can appear as small or large bumps. My Mother suffered with shingles for several years. When she first had them they started on her legs,which is unusual.I started on my back,but I have extreme pain for several days across my lower back & hips then I break out. If you catch the first blister you can take an antiviral medicine that can shorten the length of time for recovery.You must take it in the first 48 hours for it to work. I have had shingles 5 times in less than 1 year,but I have been under an extreme amount of stress. Both of my parents passed away within 6 months.Also my shingles blisters are unusually large.Most people have smaller blisters & more of them.


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