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It is possible to have extra teeth. I have never heard of someone who has a complete extra set. It is common to be missing one or two teeth in the adult teeth. Most commonly 2nd premolars or bicuspids or third molars.

2008-03-23 05:18:06
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What are the two sets of teeth?

adult teeth and milk or baby teeth

How many sets of teeth do dogs get?

2; they have razor sharp baby teeth and duller adult teeth

Does the teeth of a mountain lion fall off and then come back?

No. Mountain lions get two sets, baby teeth and adult teeth. If th adult teeth gets damaged the animal just has to do without.

Do any mammals other than humans have two sets of teeth baby and adult?


Can you grow an exta tooth?

No, you get two sets , baby teeth and adult teeth. However sometimes your wisdom teeth will grow through at the very back of your mouth when you're older often an adult

Can incisors grow back in humans?

No. Humans generally only get two sets of teeth. The baby/milk teeth and the adult/permanent teeth. If an adult tooth is lost, there won't be a new one.

Why do you get 2 sets of teeth?

Adult-sized teeth are too large for little baby-heads. Baby-sized teeth are frightfully small on adult-heads. Practice. To give the tooth fairy meaningful employment. You mean you only got two?

How many sets of teeth for labs?

If you mean labradors, they have a set of baby teeth and then adult teeth. Baby teeth can be retained though, so if it appears to have two teeth in the same spot, have a vet look at them, the retained teeth can cause severe dental disease.

How many sets of teeth do we get in our lifetime?

for natural teeth, most people have a set of baby or milk teeth first. When these fall out as the adult teeth grow in.Some rare cases of multiple rows of teeth have been noted. Loss of the set of adult teeth may require full or partial artificial sets of teeth or dentures. These can be replaces many times.

How many sets of teeth do cats have?

Two sets: kitten and adult.

What are the names of the two sets of human teeth?

Primary (or deciduous) teeth, and permanent (adult) teeth.

Do molars grow twice?

Yes. Like all other teeth molars have two sets of teeth. If you loose your first set (Baby teeth) they will grow back into adult teeth. But if your adult teeth fall out (second set) just like other teeth they will not grow back. It is painfull to have teeth missing, but you get used to it.

Which kind of teeth is replaced after teeth are broken?

Humans usually gets two sets of teeth. Baby AKA milk teeth, then a set of adult teeth. The last of the adult teeth to appear are called the wisdom teeth. If one of the adult teeth are damaged, the body won't grow a new one. If you want to have it replaced, you have to see a dentist, there are several different ways of creating an artificial tooth as a replacement.

Do a dog get two set of teeth?

Yes they do. Much like humans Dogs have a set of baby teeth they shed in their youth for adult teeth that they keep for thr rest of their life. Also it would be "DOES a dog get two sets of teeth"!

What are the reason for having two sets of teeth?

if your baby teeth spoils, the permenant teeth will come out.

How many sets of teeth do dogs have?

Dogs have two sets of teeth: puppy and adult. They start loosing their puppy teeth usually at around 3 months and finish losing them by five or six months, at which time they have all been replaced by adult teeth.

Are tiger cubs born with teeth?

No. They are similar to humans, in which they have two sets of teeth - baby teeth, and permanent teeth.

How many sets of teeth do humans have?

child has 28 adult has 32

How many sets of teeth do you have in a lifetime?

Assuming you don't include false teeth (!), we all have two sets of teeth. The deciduous teeth ("baby" teeth) which fall out in early childhood are replaced by the permanent teeth which we keep (hopefully) for a lifetime.

Do teeth continue to grow all your life?

No. Humans get two sets, the baby/milk teeth, and the adult teeth. Last to arrive are the so-called wisdom teeth. And that's it. Once they break through the gums they don't get any bigger. And you don't get any more.

If your adult teeth get knocked out how long does it take for it to grow back?

They don't! Unless you were born with 3 sets of teeth

Is it true that some people have two sets of wisdom teeth?

It is certain that humans get two full sets of teeth: "milk teeth" as toddlers and "adult teeth" in their late childhood. Most of the time 'wisdom teeth' are replaced by their adult counterparts - but because some wisdom teeth never break the gumline (referred to as impacted) it may appear as a second set when the milk set is pushed clear by the adult set.

What are the types of human teeth?

The average adult has 32 teeth. The types of human teeth are incisors, canines, premolars and molars. In their lifetime, a person will have two sets of teeth.

Is people growing 3 sets of teeth for real or are you all joking?

yes growing three sets of teeth is possible. i know this as it has happend to my step mum.

What is difference between shark and human teeth?

Sharks have 5 or more rows of teeth. Humans only have 20 baby teeth and 32 adult teeth. Sharks can re-grow teeth. Humans only get 2 sets (milk teeth and permanent teeth). Sharks have serrated edges on their teeth. Shark teeth are not attached to the jaw. Humans bite and chew with their teeth. Sharks use their teeth to rip their prey apart.