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This is not a good idea. You need your own insurance policy. There are coverages you do not have by being on your parents policy. You want to be a "named insured". This means that you control the policy and not your parents. If you want to loan your car to anyone you can, if you are on your parents policy you cannot do this. Also if you need to rent a car, you are not covered under your parents policy to do this. You would be under your own policy. Contact your insurance agent for a better explanation.

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Q: Is it possible to have your name on your parents insurance policy if the car loan and the registration are in your name?
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How do you find status of policy to settle estate?

The status of a policy can be had by browsing the Insurance Company's portal,if you have prior registration, or you can visit the Insurance Company's office for status of your policy.

Can you take out insurance on parents?

You may take out an insurance policy on your parents if you have power of attorney over them.

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Do you have to be added to your parents insurance policy if you are primary driver of one of their vehicles and you have insurance policy of your own?

yes, simple as that.

How do you change the registration address on the car insurance policy?

Contact your insurance company and supply them with your current address. That address should match your car registration as well as your driver's license.

How can i find out who my car insurance is with?

Look for your car insurance policy. Also, that information should be included on your car's registration form.

Where can one find student insurance?

If a student is on their parents insurance they should stay on it as long as possible. However, the student's parents should check with their policy as to what benefits are available if the student does not stay in the local area. When a parent's insurance policy is not an option one can check with the school they plan to attend. Most schools offer student insurance. Another option would be for the student to purchase their own health insurance policy.

Who is the person who owns an insurance policy?

The insured or the insured's legal guardians (such as parents) is the policy "owner".

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No it must be covered by an insurance policy valid in the state of registration.

In an accident who is liable the 18 yr old driver or the parents who own the car and insurance policy?

parents if the insurance is under their names

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