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Usually broadband internet connections are either cable (RG6) or Digital Service Line from the phone company. To interface with their networks, you need a modem. Your laptop will connect to the modem in one of two ways; a Ethernet/LAN cable (Cat 5), or a Universal Serial Bus cable. Many computers of even a few years ago did not come standard with a network (Ethernet/LAN) card, and installing one in a laptop could be spendy. Almost all computers after about 1995 have a USB port, so that can be used to connect to the modem. most laptops come with ethernet ports nowdays...if your computer doesnt have that you can always use something like a router that has usb outputs...right now, my computer is upstairs using a linksys wireless-g usb network adapter...the router is in the basement and is about the size of a modem and the receiver on my computer is about the size of a credit card with the thickness of a cell phone.

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Q: Is it possible to hook up a broadband connection to a regular lap top?
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How can you hook your broadband stick up to your ps3?

its not possible to use a broadband stick on a ps3 yet.

Where can you confirm your Wii internet connection?

Wiis can hook up to the Internet by either using a broadband connection or setting the Wii up to hook to a wireless router.

How can you put internet on Wii?

The Wii can hook up to the Internet either by a broadband connection or by setting the Wii up to hook to a wireless router

How do you hook the internet up to a Wii?

The Wii will receive Internet either by using a broadband connection or by being set up to hook to a wireless router.

Is it possible to hook up a laptop computer to broadband cable Internet service?

Yes, hook it up just like a desktop.

How can you get wireless connection on your PS3?

Buy a wireless router and hook it to your cable modem. PS3 does not provide broadband you must purchase it

How do you hook up a wired connection wi-fi to the Wii?

You need to buy an adapter at Nintendo's Online Store for $25. The adapter connects the USB port on the Wii to you broadband internet connection.

How do you get xbox live to work on your xbox360?

you have to hook up to your internet connection (broadband or dsl) and let it configure itself. if this doesn't work, call 1-800-4MY-XBOX and they'll help you out.

Can you hook up a wireless internet connection and does this laptop have a dvd player?

This Netbook has no DVD Drive. You will be able to hook up a wireless internet connection.

What do I need to hook an Xbox up to the internet?

Hooking an Xbox up to the internet requires just a few connections. The most important thing is that you have an internet connection. Broadband is recommended for speed and reliability. A router to connect the modem and the xbox is also needed. A wireless router makes the connection easy and mess free. You will need to by a wireless network adapter if you want to hook to the net in this manner.

How do you hook up a laptop to your highspeed internet?

depends on vartious things, what information i would need to know is : do u mean setting up a network with ur laptop and another PC?, what OS r u using? what type of broadband connection do you have?

How can you hook up an old laptop to broadband?

You connect an old laptop to broadband just like a new laptop, using the Ethernet port. If the computer doesn't have an Ethernet port, then you will have to purchase an adapter.

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