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Yes, if installed on an AMD64 / EM64T compatible processor, Windows 2000 will not be able to take advantage of the additional addressing capabilities, however. There is also a 64-bit version of Windows 2000 available only for Itanium chips.

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Q: Is it possible to install Windows 2000 on a 64-bit CPU?
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How do you install windows 2000 if you are using millennium?

There is no upgrade path from Windows ME to Windows 2000. You would have to reformat the hard drive to remove ME before you install Windows 2000 from scratch.

Can you install Windows 2000 Professional on Windows 98?


How do you upgrade from Windows ME to Windows 2000?

You cannot perform an upgrade install from Windows ME to Windows 2000. Windows 2000 was actually released before Windows ME, and thus will not accept it as a valid upgrade target. You must format the hard drive and install a full version of Windows 2000 if you want to replace Windows ME.

Can you do dual boot using windows 2000 with windows 7?

Yes, you can. Split the disk in at least 2 partitions. First install Windows 2000 on disk C and then install Windows 7 on the disk D. You can install Windows 2000 on disk D and then Windows 7 on disk C. But the order of installation must be preserved.

Can you install windows xp home edition on a computer with windows 2000 pro?

Yes, you can.

Can you install the Windows Vista ultimate upgrade from windows 98?

No. Upgrades are only supported from Windows XP. You would need to do a clean install to upgrade from 98, ME, or 2000.

How much does a windows 2000 desktop cost?

It is no longer possible to purchase a new desktop with Windows 2000.

How would you do if you want to set up a dual boot scenario between Windows 98 and windows 2000?

Create two partitions in ur hard drive and install Windows '98 on Drive C and install Windows 2000 on Drive D to another partition.

How do you install Windows 7 on windows 2000?

I suggest that you DON'T do this for certain reasons... for example: there are newer 3d chips.

If you BIOS is not ACPI-compliant what should you do before you install Windows 2000?

No special action is needed. Windows 2000 supports APM (Advanced Power Management).

How do you install Windows 2000 on a PC running Windows NT?

Best way is to copy off the files you want, then format the drive and install WIndows 2000 from scratch. It always works far better that way than to try to do an Upgrade from one OS to another.

You removed Windows 2000 and reinstalled it now while booting it shows two copies of Windows 2000 how do you remove one of them?

Always Install Windows 2000 by formatting your root drive. Otherwise you will face a lot of problems Regards Nauman

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