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Is it possible to install a digital cluster in a 1995 Windstar with an analog cluster?


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2004-11-27 09:34:26
2004-11-27 09:34:26

It wouldn't be impossible, but you will need to also replace the wiring harness that goes with it.


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cluster is broken. common problem with 240sx. Buy a new instrument cluster and have your local auto body shop install it for you. I had it done. costed me $130 for the cluster and $80 to install.

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I am assuming that you have the analog style gauge cluster. What you would do is you would take the gauge cluster out of the dashboard area. Then, you would install a new gauge. If you cannot do this, I would check the internet and find a new Chrysler New Yorker gauge cluster. I believe that you could use either a digital cluster or an analog cluster, but I would use the same type that your car curently has. Good Luck! I hope that this helps.

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No you do not need a digital tv if you have a digital antenna. But you will need a digital to analog converter box if you have an analog tv and a digital antenna.

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The passenger window on a windstar is best installed by a professional. However, if you have some auto repair experience, you can easily remove the door panel on the door by removing the screws and then you will be able to install the new window.

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