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this is possable but when the drivers were installed windows would have informed the user that the hardware was not presant in the system. the hardware may have also been there at one time and than removed and the drivers were not removed. the divice manager may also say that the divice is presant in the system because the driver is spoofing it. but it would say that it has a problem or not working properly. this message would also be desplayed if the divice is in the system and the wrong drivers are installed for it (different type or model).

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Q: Is it possible to install spdif drivers without a spdif device on the system?
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Where can I find device drivers online?

A simple way to download device drivers is to visit Enter your device model name or number, and the website will guide you to which drivers you need to install.

Is it possible to install a USB device in a Windows 7 computer when you can only obtain Windows 98 drivers for the device?

There shouldn't be any problems with the device. Windows 7 is pretty good at detecting and installing older devices.

How do you un install a USB device?

In order to install USB device you must have a driver, USB installers can be obtained or included in some motherboard drivers.

All device drivers are considered safe to install if they are by Microsoft?

Certified WDDM

Where you can download drivers?

You can download the device drivers from the official website of company.You can also install it from the installation CD that comes with the hardware.

How do you reload device drivers to a computer?

Maybe the best way is to find your device first. You go to Control panel>Device manager>search for your device>uninstall. After that you can go to and install all the necessary drivers. If you cannot find your drivers there, just google the name of the manufacturer and device and you will find it. Cheers!

What controls every input output device?

Every i/o device is controlled by software. Every new device that is installed you must install its device drivers to control the device.

Under what conditions can a user install a hardware device?

1. Only administrators can install a hardware device if any type of user input is required. Any user can install a hardware device only if the following are true: the device drivers can be installed without user input, all files necessary for a complete installation are present, the drivers have been digitally signed ( digitally signatures are digital codes that can be used to authenticate the sources of files), and there are no errors during installation. If one of these conditions is not met, someone logged onto the system with administrative privileges must do the installation.

How important are device drivers?

Device drivers establish the communication between PC's and the device, drivers are the interface of devices,

How do i install USB drivers?

Often, downloading the Chipset for your PC and mainboard will solve USB Driver problems, some times also Windows Update. If you are trying to install an external device you might need the drivers from the manufacturers website or the following DVD's. You can check devices and settings from 'Device Manager'.

How do you get your computer to recognize a DVD writer?

You get your computer to recognize a DVD writer by ensuring the correct device drivers are installed and properly. Without drivers, the computer will treat it as an Unknown Device.

How can you install built-in wireless that has been deleted?

You use can. You need to make sure that the device is on. After open Device manager and press "Scan for hardware changes" or something like that (it depends on OS). If the device is working fine your OS will automatically install drivers for the device or you will see a device which was not recognized. You need to right click on it and choose location for the device driver.

What are device drivers designed to do?

Device drivers are designed to operate a given device on a computer

How do you connect a new WiFi modem in dell inspiron1545?

FIRST install drivers THEN attach device

Can device manager be used to update the drivers for a device?

Yes, device manager be used to update the drivers for a device. It can also be used to disable/enable use of a device or uninstall its drivers from a computer.

How can one install a router for a home?

To install the router ensure it is the one you want wireless or hardwired. You will then need to utilize the CD to install the necessary drivers to your device. Finally, hook up the devices to the router.

Is it possible to install an operating system on external storage device without installing internal hard drive?

if it is an external SATA drive then yes, otherwise it is not suggested and rarely works.

How do you install device drivers on windows xp with no CD?

Save the driver file to someplace you can easily find it. In the Computer management tool find the device and right-click to select update drivers choose the Have disk option and browse for you file.

How do you hook an ipod to windows live when the computer says unkown device?

Try to find drivers for your IPod ans install it.

How can you install iOS 5 on your iPod touch without using iTunes?

Go to settings under your I device. Press the check for update button and click continue. IOS5 will install on your device.

Where is it possible to download Lexmark drivers?

Lexmark offers device drivers on their website. You can find them by going to their Support and Downloads section, then their Tech Library Section, and then you will find the Drivers and downloads section.

How do you install sound-drivers?

You need to download a right driver for you card. These days all drivers come as exe file and only what you need to do is to double click on it and it will do everything for you. Sometimes you have install drivers manually for that you need to open hardware manager click on device you want to install driver for choose location where the driver is located. If you do everything right it will work.

Device manager can be used to update the drivers for a device?

Yes, under device properties there is an "update drivers" button.

How do you install a USB device?

When you plug in the USB device to your computer it will automatically install. If it does not install right away give your computer a few minutes to work on it. If there was a disk included with your device you may have to insert it to install your device.

What can i install all driver for window 7 64 bit home basic?

All drivers for Windows 7 64 Bit Home Basic can be installed within the Device Manager. The Device Manager is found in the Control Panel. Within the Device Manager, you can update drivers as well as scan for hardware changes.

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