Is it possible to make a time machine through which we could travel in past or future?

No, while the true definition of time for the human race is relative to the earths movement around the sun, the passage of time is not as a result of this. To go back in time you'd have to effect the passage of time for everyone and every thing. That would be a machine that would have to encompass everything.

But There could also be a possibility to make a machine that can travel faster than light itself. In one of the many theories created be Einstein, he suggests that if you could travel faster than the speed of light than time would be distorted and would end up sling shooting you into a more future time period. Which could also be seen as time travel in a way but in this same theory he also says that time travel cannot be done by the way most people would or do see it as. Now there are also theories from him that says that even though this may not be possible. Parallel universal jumping is possible which means you could go into the past but not in time travel but into jumping into another universe which would then replicate the time travel image that people believe could be possible.

I'd like to inject that it is my theory that time travel is possible, of course by time travel I'm using a laymen's term because of the afore mentioned definition of relativity, by "bringing the speed of light to the device not travelling at the speed of light." This requires that you believe there is a "T" particle.

I'm going to have to let you figure it out though because I'm not ready to give it away.