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Is it possible to not have a missed period for longer than two or three months and still be pregnant?

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If your pregnant and you still get you monthly cycle, then I'd see your doctor. I do know it is common for a woman to spot during pregnancy, but not to bleed. If you've had a period for three months now, than chances of you being pregnant are none because once the sperm fertilizes the egg, your body will stop producing eggs, which means you won't get a period. Stacey

This is not true for all women!! I personally know women who have had normal periods while pregnant. This occured with my sister on all 3 of her pregnancies. The doctor was not sure what caused this, but everything was fine with her pregnancies. Remember, each woman is anatomically different, and therefore her body responds differently to any given situation. Still it is always smart and safe to inform your doctor of any bleeding, and if you haven't been to see a doctor yet, please do so!


I had 2 girls one is 8 and one is 5 and for both pregnancies i had a normal period for the first 4 months had no complications with my pregnancy both my girls were born at 40 weeks one weighed 8 lbs. 3 oz the other was 8 lbs. 13 oz. im not sure why that happened but if you are worried about the bleeding i would consult your doctor just to be sure. everyone is diffrent.

2011-10-20 16:40:36
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What if you missed 4 months birth control shot can you get pregnant?

Yes you can get pregnant if you missed a birth control shot for four months. However, doctors say that it takes about a week after a missed period to get pregnant.

2 months missed period?

your pregnant.

Is it possible to be pregnant if you have had no symptoms of being pregnant but you have missed your period for two months?

yes it is I have had 2 chirldren and had no symptoms of any kind I would try a test if i were you.

Is it likely you are pregnant if you missed your period for two and a half months and you have cramps but you use protection?

my best friend got pregnant while using a its possible

If you missed a period for two months does it mean that you are pregnant?

Not always but it's good to get a pregnancy test if you've missed it for 2 months.

You have missed your period for two months now can you be pregnant?


Missed period for almost 2 months now have light spotting for 2 weeks?

If you have missed your period for two months you may be pregnant. Take a pregnancy test to be sure. If you are not pregnant, stress may be the cause of your missed cycle.

Missed period for four months?

sounds like somebody's pregnant

Missed your period for 2 months?

Uh...yeah you're pregnant.

You miss your period for 3 months and no weight gain are you pregnant?

Weight gain is irrelevant during the first trimester. If you had intercourse and missed a period pregnancy is possible.

What could it be you Missed your period in 3 months but not pregnant?

No, and your grammatical skills are putrid.

Could I be pregnant got off pills 3 months ago have had no spotting or bleeding and all 3 test came back neg?

If you have had sex in the 3 months then it is possible. Have you missed any periods?

I have don β€œ it β€œ before and missed my period three whole months. Erm am I pregnant at the age 12?

can i join im 9 whats "done it"?

You missed your period 3 months ago but had it consistently the past two months any chance of pregnancy?

If you are having your periods then you are not pregnant. It is possible to have a "period" while you're pregnant (see iVillage article). Also, from experience I had light periods for all but the last three months of my pregnancy when my daughter was born.

Can you be pregnant if you have cramping for 4 months straight even with your period and have ben on the pill for 9 months but missed about 2 weeks?

Birth Control can increase your chances of getting pregnant if you miss pills or take them at diffrent times. And it is possible to become pregnant and still have you period so I would take a pregnancy test.

Are there other reasons why you could have missed your period for 3 months other than being pregnant?

Three months is a long period to miss your periods for, it could be missed due to to much stress.But not likely 3 months.

How many months would you know that you're pregnant?

With in a week of your missed period that you can know that you are pregnant or not. Please consult the doctor for help.

If you missed 5 days of the pill and you have been on them for 8 months and on the fifth day you had intercourse and then took one pill that day can you get pregnant?

it is possible for u to get pregnant like that i have been on the pill for 2 years and that happend to me once so i went to the doctor and she said it was very possible

How many months have to pass by until the doctor tells you your pregnant?

After 8 to 10 days of your missed period. You have enough time to decide about to terminate or continue the pregnancy. It does not take months after missed period.

Could you be pregnant if you've missed your period for two months but a home pregnancy test was negative?

It is possible to be pregnant. Home pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate. The best way to find out would be to go to the doctor and get a pregnancy test.

Is it possible to get pregnant when you have not had a period in 2 months?

technically yes, as long as you ovulated THIS month. This would highly depend on the reason for the last two missed periods. If they were missed due to a naturally irregular cycle, there is no reason that you could not have ovulated on the third month.

Is it possible to be pregnant for 6 months and have no symptoms?


Is it possible to tell the gender of the baby after 4-5 months pregnant?

It is possible at 4 months but more certain at 5 months.

You missed almost two months of your period can it be that im pregnant or that you have an STD?

If you have missed your period for two months, you are probably pregnant. You could take a home pregnancy test, but you should see a doctor and if you think you could have an STD, you should see a doctor immediately anyhow.

Can you be pregnant if you have missed 2 months of periods ... and how likely?

Unless you usually have irregular periods, it's very likely that you're pregnant.