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it is absolutly correct that a women may not have any symptoms when I was first pregnent I didnt find out till I was 6 months 2 weeks and 4 days gone and I still wouldn't have known as I was on the injection and i only had taken a test as my partner thought i had put on a couple of pounds but it is possible for anyone to get away with it but the best thing I do now is take a test even if the thought crosses my mind to make sure.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 03:04:40
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Q: Is it possible to not have any pregnancy symptoms?
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Is it possible not to have any pregnancy symptoms?

Yes. Don't let it worry you.

Can you be pregnant if you were eight days late but have all the pregnancy symptoms?

It is possible to be pregnant. Symptoms can appear at any time.

Is it possible not to have any pregnancy symptoms and still be pregnant?

Yes take a test ASAP!!!

Is it possible to be pregnant and have no symptoms of pregnancy?


Can you be pregnant and not have the symptoms of pregnancy?

it is possible

Is it possible to not have any symptoms and still be pregnant?

Yes, it is possible to be pregnant and not have any symptoms. The best thing to do if you suspect pregnancy is to take a pregnancy test. Even pregnancy tests can be wrong. Remember there is that .1% chance that it is incorrect. Which unfortunately, it does happen. To be safe, you should go to your doctor to get the best results.

Is it possible to think you have pregnancy symptoms?


If i am pregnant is it possible that your husband can feel any symptoms?

Yes, it is possible. There is a phenomenon called "sympathetic pregnancy" where your mate or another person very close to you will begin to feel the symptoms of pregnancy (like nausea, bloating, and food sensitivity).

What STD has the same symptoms as pregnancy?

Symptoms of pregnancy include a missing period, breast tenderness, and nausea. These are not symptoms of any STD.

Can you be pregnant and not get any symptoms or signs throughout your pregnancy?

No. You will get pregnancy symptoms. It is impossible not to get pregnancy symptoms. Yes, you can be pregnant and have no symptoms at all. Haven't you seen that tv show "Pregnant and didn't know it?"

Is it possible to have pregnancy without symptoms?

there are alot of pregnancy symptoms, it is possible that one may experience some and not all. but it is never possible for anyone not to experience even one of the symptoms. if you are pregnant you will definantly experience at least a symptom of pregnancy. if not anything, you'll experience the bloating of the abdomen and tenderness of breast. these are constant actually it is possible to experence no pregnancy symptoms for the first few months.but after that the symptoms would start to come in.especially breast tenderness on account they enlarge as soon as six weeks.

Do you have pregnancy symptoms while using an IUD?

It is possible yes.

Could you be pregnant and have no symptoms?

Hi Yes this is possible as some women do not experience the common pregnancy symptoms until they are a few months into their pregnancy.

Is it possible to have no pregnancy symptoms?

Yes its possible (for the first trimester or so) but very unlikely.

Can you be pregnant and have little to no symptoms?

yes it is very possible you may be pregnant with little or no symptoms in many women. sometimes you may not have any symptoms up until the 6th or 8th week of pregnancy.

I am in my 5th week of pregnancy and am not experiencing any symptoms not even sore breasts is this normal?

It is normal not to feel any symptoms, I started feeling pregnancy symptoms when I was 6 weeks!

You have missed period for five days but you don't have any of the pregnancy symptoms is it possible that you are not pregnant?

Yes, very possible. Pregnancy symptoms do not typically start up until 6-8 weeks of pregnancy...which would be 2-4 weeks after a missed period. Some woman never have symptoms at all...if you are pregnant hope you are one of the lucky ones with no symptoms lol. The HCG is what causes all the symptoms of pregnancy, also the hormone that is used to register on home pregnancy tests. This hormone, which is created by the embryo's placenta, is probably not at a high enough level 5 days after a missed period to really cause any noticable symptoms, if you are pregnant.

What month of pregnancy could possible the pregnancy symptoms starts?

well pregnancy symptoms can start prior to period. 1week before your period symptoms may be seen. fatigue,nausea,frequent urination are the signs you can notice.

Is it possible to experience all symptoms of pregnancy early and not be pregnant?

yes it would be called a phantom pregnancy

Is it possible to have a normal pregnancy symptoms before missing a period?


Is it possible to experience different pregnancy symptoms than your first pregnancy if you miscarried?

Yes. Every pregnancy and every person is different.

Could you be pregnant if you haven't had your period in 4 months but don't have any pregnancy symptoms?

It is possible but you would be having pregnancy symptoms by now. The best thing for you to do is do a pregnancy test then see your doctor for some hormonal blood tests and a physical examination. Some women have very few pregnancy symptoms, so if you had sex at the right time and you have not had a period take a test.

You read a list of pregnancy symptoms and you were wondering if you dont have all the symptoms is it still possible that im pregnant?


Is it possible to have pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and gagging 1 to 2 weeks after conception?

In some women it is possible.

You missed your period for ten days and dont have any pregnancy symptoms you are pregnant?

It is possible; you should probably take a test or consult your doctor.