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It is possible but your interest rate may be very high.

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Q: Is it possible to obtain a car loan with a credit score of 600 and 50000 of current student loans?
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Where is it possible to get a Visa student credit card?

You can obtain a Visa student credit card directly from Visa's website by selecting "Visa Student" on the home page. You can also obtain one at many different banks, including US Bank and Scotia Bank.

How can one obtain student credit cards with Capital One?

There are many ways one can obtain student credit cards with Capital One. One can obtain student credit cards with Capital One by applying on their official website.

Is it possible to obtain a student loan without a cosigner?

It is possible to obtain a Student Loan without a Cosigner if you apply through a Government Loan Program. One such Program is the Stafford Loans. You do not need an Income or Credit History to receive a loan.

How can a student obtain a college credit card?

A student can obtain a college credit card through their college. Many credit card institutions such as MasterCard and Visa visit college campuses to sign students up for credit cards.

What are some sources of student credit cards?

There are many sources of student credit cards. One can obtain a student credit card through companies such as Capital One, Discover, Visa, or Mastercard.

Is it possible to obtain an aqua credit card with juat a fair credit score?

Yes, it is possible to obtain an aqua credit card with just a fair credit score, though it's easier if you have a good score.

What are unsubsidized loans and is there a credit check?

An unsubsidized loan is simply a student loan which make it possible for students to finance an education while attending a college or university. To obtain most loans, you must submit a credit check.

Where can the current student loan rate be obtained?

A student can obtain the current student loan rate from websites online such as FinAid or Direct Ed or the New York Times. Googling current student loan rate would be a good place to start.

Can a student get a private loan without credit or a cosigner?

It is very hard to obtain a private loan without credit or a co-signer. If you have collateral such as a vehicle/boat, then you may be able to obtain a secured loan from a credit union. Try building credit with a secured card or a student visa with a low limit before attempting to get a loan.

What is the lowest possible credit score you must have to obtain a bad credit loan?

In order to obtain a bad credit loan a person has to have a credit score is 620 anything below that would be considered high risk.

Is it possible to obtain current from air in moving bus?


How can someone obtain a Mastercard student credit card?

One can obtain a Mastercard student credit card by applying for one. To apply for one, one can visit the official Mastercard website and fill out an application for one that way. You can also visit your local bank branch and apply for one that way.

How does one obtain fico credit scores?

Credit Karma or Quizzle are two places you can visit to obtain your FICO credit scores? You can also go to Transunion's web site. It's also possible to find it at Lending Tree.

Where might a college student obtain a credit card?

College students can obtain credit cards just like other people. Sometimes it can be more difficult to obtain a credit card as a college student because they do not have as much credit built up. The best approach would be to open up a savings/checking account at a local bank. Once one is opened, they will usually offer the person a credit card as well. If that does not work, looking at the main credit card companies (Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, and American Express) and finding their college student section, will give you options for college students, however, they usually have very high interest rates.

Where can one obtain college student credit cards?

Many major banks offer student credit cards. Some of the top student credit cards are the Discover It Student Card offered by Discover, Journey Student Rewards from Capital One, Citi Forward Card for College Students, and the Citi Divident Card for College Students. One can apply for these cards through a secure on-line application.

Is it possible to obtain an auto loan if you have bad credit?

It is possible, but you should expect to pay a larger downpayment and have a higher interest rate.

Where can a person with bad credit obtain financing for a car?

Usually the dealership can help you obtain financing. It depends on the price of the car, your credit score, how much money you make, how many years you were at your current job, etc.

How do you obtain a secondary credit number?

how do i obtain a secondary credit number

What is the maximum credit score one can obtain?

According to the FICO the highest possible credit score you can obtain is 850, but if you use another credit scoring formula Vantage Score the credit rating can go all the way up to 990. FICO is the mostly widely used

What does a credit score do for people?

A credit score is looked at to see if you can obtain a loan or get financed for a house, car, etc. It is important to try and keep your credit score as high as possible.

Where can one obtain a bad credit home loan with no down payment?

It is not possible for someone with bad credit to obtain a home loan with no down payment. They would need to have a 5% minimum down payment and collateral.

Do amounts owed to a business that are on a credit basis are considered a current asset on the books be used to obtain loans?


How can you obtain a student credit card?

While there are student credit cards, new Federal laws impose restrictions on issuing credit cards to individuals under 21 unless the applicant has the independent ability to repay debt, or has an adult co-signer who agrees to accept joint liability for the account.

What is the difference between a public and a private student loan?

Public, or government backed student loans tend to have lower interest rates. Private student loans are more difficult to obtain, especially for young people with no credit.

What are the credit requirements to obtain loans for college?

"Unless you are applying for a Private Student Loan, your credit score is not applicable. The Stafford, Perkins and PLUS loans do NOT depend on your credit score. The PLUS loan does however require that the borrower does not have an adverse credit history."