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Hard to say without the rest of the case, but read your contract and discuss it with the lender. As a general rule, they follow the law AND the contract.

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Q: Is it possible to pay the past due payment amounts and be able to reclaim the car in New Jersey?
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This may depend on your insurance companies own internal rules and policies. NJ does have some interesting insurance law but I don't know if it gets this detailed as to regulate the reinstatment of a policy that has lapsed for non payment of premium.

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Where do you mail your IRS form 941 for New Jersey without payment?,,id=111163,00.html

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Credit Card debt is considered an Open Line of Credit. The Statute of Limitations for collection in New Jersey is 6 years. That is usually from the last use or payment.

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Credit Card debt is considered an Open Line of Credit. The Statute of Limitations for collection in New Jersey is 6 years. That is typically measured from the last use or payment.

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Internal Revenue ServiceP.O. Box 804522Cincinnati, OH45280-4522

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Without a payment: Department of the TreasuryInternal Revenue ServiceCincinnati, OH45999-0005 With a payment: Internal Revenue ServiceP.O. Box 804522Cincinnati, OH45280-4522