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Is it possible to put an engine from a 3000gt into a GSX?


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2008-03-17 17:26:39
2008-03-17 17:26:39

Anything is possible, however it would seem pointless to do so. The 3000GT Engine is much larger & weighs much more. The modifications needed to do so would not be worth the effort. The original 4G63 engine in the eclipse will take you a long way. With proper modifications these engines are capable of 1400hp. So to answer your question, yes it is "possible" would anyone with experience recommend it "NO"


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Not without redesigning the entire car. Everything about it - height, width, length, angle of installation, size of transmission and differentials, and length of half-shafts for front and rear, as well as driveshaft length, are different. It would be several times cheaper just to buy a 3000GT and GSX and drive them both.

yes you can because I have a vr=4 engine in my 3000gt but the thing is you have to get the wiring harness and brain from the vr-4 engine if not it wont work. Also yes normal peoplecan put it in just take your time.

Yes, this engine requires Premium fuel. Using Regular fuel will cause pinging and engine damage.

No. The 420A is a Chrysler motor put into certain Mitsubishi/Eagle/Laser models. The GSX's turbo motor is a 4g63T Mitsubishi engine.

yes as long as the engines of both cars were both the same engine. IE: both were SOHC. Or both were DOHC.

yes you can... but it will cost way to much money. sell it and buy a gst or gsx

i wouldn't go more then 10 but u might get away with more i have a 95 eclipse gsx running 18 psi

you can do this but will be very costlly as you will have to change a lot of things will probley be cheaper to buy the whole car then do it separate


look at the engine, is there a snail shell looking thing attached to the front of the engine...if so then u got one. ------ If your Eclipse is a GS or RS it did not come from the factory with a turbo. the engine should be on the passenger side of the car. That engine is a 420a. If you have an Eclipse GSX or GS-T then you have a turbo charged engine. the engine will be on the drivers side of the car. this is the 4g63 engine. it is possible to have a 420a with a turbo, but someone will have had to put it on themselves, and you would probably know that when you bought it.

It is possible to put on a turbocharger but make sure you also put a tune on the engine and pair it with an intercooler.

Yes it is possible, but not easy.

yes you can you can put any engine in it that you want

Can anyone tell me what model Honda motor this is hf03e-2012054

the 1991 3000gt are dohc. it comes stock with 222hp. they also made sohc but that wasn't until later generations of the 3000gt's. The 1991 dodge stealths came in sohc, compared to the 91 3000gt's dohc. either way, with minor adjustments, it will fit from sohc to dohc.

Anything is possible if you have enough time and money, but the practical answer would be no.

Anything is possible with enough money.Anything is possible with enough money.

Anything is possible, but that would not be easy.

Premium gas of course for best performance

It is not. The GS is a tranny for an I4, so its not quite wide enough to match up to the V6 block. And if I remember correctly, the 94 manual was a 6-speed. You'd need to get the tranny from a 3rd generation Eclipse GT (I know this works because I did it on my 97) but this only works if you have a SOHC motor, which Mitsubishi didn't put in the 3000GT until 97, but Dodge put it in the Stealth from the beginning. You're probably gonna have to hunt for a Stealth/3000GT parts car.

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