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Yes, it is possible to refinance your home while in an open Chapter 13, if your credit score meets the company's requirements. Also, a max 80% loan to value on your equity will be used to make sure you have enough money in your home to cover closing costs. There are also programs available that do not have score requirements and also allow you to payoff the remaining balance. If you need assistance go to

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Q: Is it possible to refinance your home while in chapter 13?
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Is it possible to get a home equity loan while paying chapter 13?

No you can not get a home equity line of credit but you can refinance and pay off the chapter 13 with the new mortgage.

How does one refinance a home after a Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

One can find a guide on how to refinance a home after a Chapter 13 bankruptcy on various websites like Homeguides and wikiHow. Both websites offer a great amount of information about all kinds of things, including bankruptcy.

Is someone able to refinance a home if they are on workmens comp?

Disability income may be multiplied by 125% on a refinance, it depends on the situation but it is possible.

How can you refinance your home for a lower interest rate while in a chapter 13 bankruptcy if you do not want to pay off the bankruptcy and do not want to 'cash out'?

While participating in a chapter 13 the petitioner cannot refinance, sell, transfer or otherwise real property without receiving permission from the bankruptcy court/trustee to take the action. Therefore the issues cited are not relevant until/unless permission is granted.

Where is it possible to refinance a home mortgage if someone has bad credit?

There are many places a person can go to refinance a home mortgage if they have bad credit. Bad Credit OK and Quicken Loans are two websites a person can use to help refinance their home mortgage.

Is it possible to buy a home after filing chapter 13 then chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Yes, it is possible but there are circumstances. Time is a big factor, that is how much time has passed since the chapter 7 was discharge? I know of lenders who will provide loans just one day out of bankruptcy. But a fairly decent credit score has to be there and if its a refinance there has to be some equity in the property.

Is it possible to refinance only the amount that is owed on a home or do you have to refinance at the current home value?

You can do either, but some credit sources place limitations on the minimum amounts / minimum percentages that they will loan.

Is it possible to refinance a home even with bad credit?

Yes, it is possible to refinance a home with bad credit or no credit at all. However, it isn't that easy and interest rates are often quite a bit higher than they are for those with great credit.

If your chapter 7 bankruptcy was discharged six weeks ago what are your options for a refinance?

You can quite possibly refinance up to 80 percent of the value of your home and get some cashout with a decent rate.

If you are dismissed from a chapter 13 and have your mortgage reinstated can you refinance your home?

You can refi a day out discharging of bankruptcy depending on the situation.

How long after bankruptcy do you have to wait before refinancing?

Refinancing after a bankruptcyThe time period you have to wait depends on what chapter bankruptcy you filed. Generally, you are able to refinance 2yrs after a Chapter 7 discharge.If you are in Chapter 13, you can refinance the next day with many lenders. You can email a mortgage broker like myself to find out more.To add to the above answer, you do NOT have to wait 2 years to refinance after a chapter 7 discharge, those are for fannie Mae loans. You can refinance a chapter 7 a day after discharge. A chapter 13 can also be refinanced before discharge since it's on a payment plan for 3-5 years from filing date. You can get a chapter 13 refinance as little as 6 months from filing, not discharge and you can payoff your chapter 13 in the process if you have enough equity in your home.

How can you refinance your home for a mortgage?

In order to refinance your home, you should look for a reputable mortgage broker. Work with the broker to find a good plan to refinance you home by looking at you current mortgage.

What steps do I need to take to refinance my home?

This is the website that I found most helpful when looking for information on What steps do I need to take to refinance my home here is the website - Cached

Where can one find information on a equity home loan mortgage refinance?

When looking to find information about equity home loan refinance mortgages it may be possible to find the ideal mortgage refinance package to suit the required customer needs by visiting such websites as Age Partnership, the Money Supermarket comparison site.

Can you refinance your home loan more than once?

Mortgage refinancing can be done more then once. When looking to refinance your home loan make sure the closing costs don't offset the possible saving of the lower interest rate offered.

Can your refinance if you don't have the equity in the house?

It may be possible to refinance your home if you do not have equity. I have done many of these loans. There are currently programs for both Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae that will allow you to refinance even if there is not equity. There are Loan to Value limits, but they are well over 100%.

Does Royal Bank of Canada offer home refinance services?

If you are a Canadian resident, you may be wondering if the Royal Bank of Canada offers home refinance services. They are an excellent resource for home refinance services.

What are home refinance options for one's mortgage?

There are many different home refinance options for one's mortgage. Some of the home refinance options for one's mortgage are: refinancing one's home through a bank, and doing the same online.

How does a quitclaim deed work on refinancing your home?

A quitclaim deed doesn't figure into the procedure to refinance your home.A quitclaim deed doesn't figure into the procedure to refinance your home.A quitclaim deed doesn't figure into the procedure to refinance your home.A quitclaim deed doesn't figure into the procedure to refinance your home.

Can you file chapter 13 if you already are in a forbearance plan with your mortgage company?

Well the options that you have are , You can sell your home or refinance when you are under Chapter 13.A mortage company can negotiate on your behalf with your lender to ease off the hassles for you.

Where can one find companies that will refinance a home mortgage?

One can find companies that will refinance a home mortgage online. One may also be able to find companies locally that would have the ability to refinance ones home.

How can you refinance your home mortgage?

To refinance your home mortgage, you can go to a bank or credit union with the proper paperwork from your original mortgage and ask for refinance. There's usually fees involved, but if you need to, you can.

Can you get home financing after bankruptcy confirmed?

You can get a home after a BK. If it was a chapter 13 you can get a mortgage at any time. You can even use a refinance to buy out the BK. If it was a chapter 7, you normally need to wait 2 full years. Under certain circumstances you can buy a home after one year.

Can I refinance if a lien is placed against the property?

Yes you can refinance with a lien on your home. The lien will have to be paid off in order for you to complete refinance.

When can you refinance your home after a chapter 7?

In order to refinance after a Chapter 7 most bank guidelines will be 2 years from discharge date. The credit will have to be reestablished as well. There are some banks with various guidelines that will take a look at refinancing <2 years but not less than 12 months if you can prove the bankruptcy was caused by extenuating circumstances beyond the borrowers control. Veronica Rodrigues Voyage Home Loans