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Is it possible to repair a crack in the top step of a 25-year-old inground pool?

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How to repair vinyl liner pool stepsYou can use fibre-shelkote putty and gel coat. Usually a crack is due to loss of underlying support, just putting a patch over the crack will not suffice. Contact pool step specialists who repair just swimming pool stairs to get the proper tread repair completed, or to order a kit. Try
2010-07-28 01:49:39
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Can cracked inground pools be repaired?

There are three main types of inground swimming pools: concrete, vinyl and fiberglass. All of which are prone to the occasional crack. Luckily for the homeowner such cracks can be repaired. If you are handy you can purchase a do it yourself repair kit at your local pool specialty store.

Can an inground pool crack during an earthquake?

Yes, an in ground pool can crack during an earthquake if it is close enough to the earthquake.

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Whats the best way to fix a small crack on pool steps on an inground pool that it should stay sealed?


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