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If your car has a negative door switch trigger for the interior lights (most do), then it is very easy. It does not involve replacing the lightswitch, however. Simply buy a 12V buzzer from your local electronics store, and connect the live wire (red) to the 12v feed to your instrument illumination, so that it is live no matter which beam of your headlights is active. Connect the Black wire of the buzzer to the earth wire of your interior light feed. Now if you have the lights on, and open a door, the buzzer will sound!! If your car has a 12v POSITIVE door trigger (rare), then this will not work, you will need to work it a different way using a relay.

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Q: Is it possible to retrofit a headlight switch in a 1987 El Camino that will deliver a tone if the headlights are left on when you leave the vehicle turned off?
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