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If you hit a rock or something else in the road, you may damage your transmission pan. If you scrape it hard enough, you can cause a leak.

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Internal leak in transmission?

When a transmission has an internal leak, the fluid pressure can drop and not flow to the proper valves. This can cause improper shifting, as well as cause transmission damage.

Can water in the transmission cause it to leak?

Yes water cause leaking

What would cause transmission to leak?

Well a leak in the tubing, maybe it has corroded away?

Is it possible the engine oil to drain in auto transmission?

No its not possible for motor oil to leak into any transmission, that are not directly connected to each other for fluid transfer. they're only attached by a flywheel or in autos case a flexplate.... It is possible for the engine oil to leak at the rear seal into the transmission, but it will leak to the ground through a hole in the bottom of the transmission made for this purpose.

If the transmission has a leak and the car wont drive when its in gear what is the cause of it?

Are you asking the cause of the leak or cause of the not moving problem. If your fluid is low that may be the problem right there. YOU CAN BURN OUT A TRANSMISSION BY NOT KEEPING FLUID FULL!!!

What can cause transmission fluid to come for the filler tube?

The most likely cause of transmission fluid coming up the filler tube is air in the fluid. This can be caused by a leak in the system and should be checked by a mechanic as soon as possible.

When a speed sensor on a 2003 dodge grand caravan blows does it leak transmission fluild?

It is possible, but not likely for a transmission fluid leak from the speed sensors.

Could filling the transmission fluid too high cause a leak?

Yes, that can cause the fluid to foam up and leak out of the vent.

Will a upper trans cooler line leak cause any damage?

If you run the transmission low on fluid you can cause damage. Fix the leak.

Can too much transmission fluid cause it too leak?


What causes a transmission to leak fluid?

Transmission fluid leak can be caused by couple of things. Most common being an worn out or broken seal. The transmission seals on most cars are made from rubber or metal. Seal is exposed to extreme temperature for years and the parts moving around them will eventually cause seals to fail resulting fluid leak. Faulty installation of a seal can also cause a leak. The another thing that can cause a leak is, if transmission case or pan is damaged due to low ground clearance.

Will vacuum leaks cause transmission to not engage properly?

Yes It Wil If The Vacuum Leak Is In A Hose That Gos To you Transmission

Would vacuum leak cause automatic transmission to slip on 98 Pontiac Grandam?

I don't think so. The automatic transmission is controlled by engine speed, vehicle speed and throttle position. A large vacuum leak could effect throttle position, but it would cause other problems more noticable than the effect on transmission shifting. a vacuum leak mpuld not cause trasmission to slip but a band inside transmission would cause the problem

Can replacing a rear main seal cause leakage into the transmission?

No. The transmission is sealed to the input shaft and torque converter inside the bell housing of the transmission. It is possible to leak oil into the bell housing, but that will not migrate into the sealed transmission. If your transmission fluid looks as dark as your motor oil, a flush of your transmission may be in order. -Steve

Would pulling a fifth wheel make the transmission fluid leak?

No, but it could cause higher then average wear on the transmission.

How fix a transmission fluid leak by the radiator 1999 Chrysler cirrus?

Find the leak source and repair it. Usually the cause is cooler hoses.

Where does transmission fluid leak from?

Transmission fluid can leak from many places. It could leak from the actual transmission itself, or any of the tubing that goes from the transmission to other parts of the car.

What might cause a 1995 Ford Taurus to leak transmission fluid?

There is no one answer. The entire transmission, all trans cooler lines, and the trans cooler all have fluid in them. Anything that contains fluid has the potential to leak anywhere. On a transmission there are a number of moving parts, such as input shafts and output shafts, each with a seal. That is a likely source for a leak, esp given the age of this transmission. Another likely source for a leak is the rubber cooler lines and/or the clamps. But really, the entire transmission body can leak at any seal or gasket. There are literally dozens of opportunities for a transmission to leak. The only way to find it is raise the vehicle and search out the leak.

Is it possible to cause a transmission to leak fluid by hitting something under the car?

Yeah I hit a manhole cover sticking a few inches out of the road at about 30 mph and my transmission busted open and all the fluid jsut pours right out

Can a blown head gasket cause transmission problems?

Not generally, no. Although it may be possible, in theory at least, for the overheating of the engine due to the head gasket leak, to cause excess heat to be transferred to your automatic transmission via the transmission oil cooler located in the radiator or simply by way of direct conductivity. This is extremely unlikely to cause the transmission any problems or even to overheat. The transmission problem is most likely a separate issue and should be treated as such.

Why would water leak on your 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan at bottom where the motor joins the transmission?

Possible freeze plug leak at rear of engine block.

What can cause 1994 Cadillac to lose water 4.9 liter?

A possible leak

What would cause transmission fluid to leak from a 1994 Dodge Intrepid making the hood smoke?

sounds like a leak in your transmission cooler lines. check the smaller hoses going to the radiator usually the bottom.

Will it cause damage to my transmission if I put power steering stop leak in it?

Why would you put power steering stop leak in an automatic transmission in the first place? You obviously don't know what you are doing. Take it to a professional!

Coolant leak from transmission Honda?

Coolant should not be leaking from your transmission the only fluid in your transmission is transmission fluid. A faulty transmission seal can allow transmission fluid to leak out.