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Well I have a Gmail account and you can send text messages to anyone with a U.S. cell phone.

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Q: Is it possible to send text messages to your computer from a tracfone?
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How do you chat on tracfone?

Unfortunately you can not chat on Tracfone but you can send instant messages/text messages.

Cannot send text messages on tracfone Motorola v170?

Tracfone states you cannot send texts in all areas. I have a Tracfone and I send texts all the time.

Is it possible to send your text messages to a computer?

well, you can txt an email, which is on a computer

How do you send tracfone cellphone back?

how do you send tracfone phone back

How do you send messages on computer to ps3 users?

You can't.

What are different ways to send messages for cyber bullying?


Can you send text messages from your phone to your computer?

No. But you can e-mail

How do you send messages on gta4?

you can't. you can reply happy or unhappy to messages via the computer though.

How do you send pictures to a w370 tracfone?

Have someone send you an MMS message

Will your computer allow you to send messages to a friend who is working on another computer?

yes it possible throgh the sharing in the lan. with outlook express. and also creting a email id also sharing the internet.

Can a text message be sent from a cell phone to a computer?

Probably no, because there are services in messangers which allow U to send SMS messages but I don't think that U can send text messages from a cell phone to a computer.)Actually, Yes you can. I sent messages to Facebook all the time. so ignore the last answer. You can send messages to computers using a cell phone.

How do you say send messages in french?

'Send messages' in French is 'envoyer des messages'.

Can you send messages from the ipod touch to a mobile?

Yes, it is possible to send messages from the iPod Touch to a mobile phone. You have to download a free texting app (which requires Wi-Fi).

How can you make your boyfriend horny by typing him on the computer?

You can send suggestive emails or instant messages or photos, but remember, if you put it on the internet, even in an email, it is possible for other people to read it.

My mum says she can see my messages i send and receive on facebook how is this possible?

Your mum has your password, that is the only way she is able to see the messages that you send and receive on Facebook. Consider changing your password.

What is ICMP used for?

to send error messages to send control messages

How can you send text messages from your phone to another phone for free?

you can send an email to a phone from your computer and its free sms and pic messaging

How do you talk to the Jonas brothers on your computer?

you can send them comments and messages on myspace! they claim that they read all of them!

How can you get pic on your tracfone from friends?

yes well a friend tryed to send some pic to my tracfone from his phone but i never got them

What will be the possible reason if you cant able to send messages but you can received messages in your email?

It's your firewall or outlook if you are using it wasn't configured properly.

Is there any SMS software that will allow me to send and receive text messages from my computer?

I have some SMS software called VisualGSM, and it's worked really well. Utilize premium send SMS to send bulk SMS messages.

After you purchased a ringtone from tracfone how long will it take to send to your tracfone?

I currently have a Tracfone and I recently bought a ringtone and it sent me a text message with the ringtone in about 1 minute. Hope this helps.

Can Gmail send text messages?

Gmail cannot send text messages to phone. It can send mails and chat messages only. Mails and messages can be received on phone too.

How do you send messages on command prompt?

Go into command prompt and type: net send (ip address/ name of computer) (User) (message)

An instrument that can send messages over long distances is called?

A telegram, a telephone, a computer, a semaphore, a telegraph.