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Yes it is. It may be that the material is challenging and you are overwhelmed, at least initially. The situation may be stressful and stress is also a trigger factor. It is not a matter of readiness or intelligence. ADHD people in general are very intelligent. It is more being overwhelmed and losing your sense of direction and/or organization. This is what happened to my son. He entered fifth grade as a very capable student. But it overwhelmed him and he became disorganized. We started by giving him organizational skills, and by taking him to the doctor, who placed him on Adderall XR 10mg. By the end of the year, his grades were back up again.

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The answer to 63 divided by 8?

63 divided by 8 is 7.875. oh and by the way whoever asks this shouldnt because if you are in 5th grade you should know peaple

Why can't you skip a grade?

You can't skip a grade, because your teachers want to make sure that you understand the material. If you skip a grade, you may feel uncomfortable with the work.

How do you get a boy to like you in fifth grade if your wearing a HOT outfit on the first day?

u shouldnt wear something hot just to impress some 5th grade boys because for one u need a guy who likes u for u not what u have or ur looks. Im a 5th grade boy

What letter grade is 64.71?

This can't be answered because the total possible points is not given. If there was a 100 points possible it would be a C.

When should a boy touch your breasts?

He can touch your breasts ONLY when you're absolutely, 100% okay with it. Not be cause he coerced you, not because you feel like you'll lose if if you don't let him, either.He might be too nervous as well.A:Sorry boy shouldnt be touching girls boobs and plus you dont know how old she is or he is and they could be in 6th grade too young im not saying you shouldnt but wait until you get in to 9th grade ok.

What is the difference between grade 8 and 9?

Education follows a (somewhat) logical sequence; the material learned in grade 8 prepares you for slightly more advanced material that is to be learned in grade 9. With each grade, knowledge advances.

What is your grade if you have a 92 out of 120 possible points?

I would give you a B- because you scored 76%. Not Bad!

How did Richard's family react to his sixth grade promotion?

His family didn't think it was possible because he was a bad boy

What grade is romance for guitar?

its grade 7/8 material, it is pretty easy for what grade it is, but its the technique that is played, rather than the notes.

What does Paint Grade mean?

"Paint Grade" is a quality rating on wooden mouldings, trim pieces, etc. These items are usually "Stain Grade" or "Paint Grade". Stain grade is the higher of the two, and the pieces can be finished with a wood stain and sealer for a satisfactory finish. Paint grade must normally be painted, because of minor blemishes and splices in the material.

How can you get a seventh grader to go out with a 6th grader?

simple, just get her a valentines day card. but you know when you get onder its no big deal. Or how about you dont date at all because your in 6th grade and they shouldnt be dating and 2nd leave 7th graders alone

What is a heat no on pipe?

Used for inspection. Heat numbers make it possible to trace pipe from spools fabricated on a job to material documentation from a given melt. The matching documents will tell when and where the pipe was made, the material used and the pipe grade etc.

Is grade 8 harder than grade 7?

each grade builds upon the skills developed in the previous years. Each grade may or may not be harder than the one before it, depending on your aptitude for the material. However, if you have neglected to actually LEARN the material from grade 7, grade 8 will be very hard. nope not here at q i roberts

Are chloroplasts attached to ribosomes?

no. the ribosomes float in the chloroplast because the chloroplast cushions the organs. I'm in seventh grade you should now this material

What makeup should you wear to a 7nth grade party?

some eyeshadow masacara, lipgloss or lip butter , and a little bit of blush and eyeliner [if needed or if its a big occasion otherwise thats it eyeliner is optional but you shouldnt wear it because then it will look to much].

Is it possible to do grade 11 and 12 in one year through homeschooling?

Is it possible to do grade 11 and 12 in one year in south africa

What is meant by grade of steel?

grade refers to composition and strength. Generally a higher Grade ( number or alphabet) is a stronger material. For example Grade C is stronger than Grade A Grade 8 bolt is stronger than grade 5 bolt.

What is the letter grade for a 2 out of 9?

2 out of 9 is 22% That will get the lowest grade possible.

Why does doing homework help your grade?

Homework is practice for the material - the more you practice, the better you get and the better grade you'll have

Should a sixth grader skip a grade and move on to eight grade?

Only if they would be very bored with 7th grade material and if they are emotionally mature enought to handle eighth grade.

Is it possible to like someone when your in grade 6?

yes, it can happen at any age, any grade

Can you fail fifth grade?

Yes, it is possible to fail a grade, work hard and this will be less likely.

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