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Q: Is it possible to sleep with your mouth closed?
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How do you keep spiders out of your mouth when you sleep?

Easy, you sleep with your mouth closed! ;p

Do people who sleep with there mouth open get spiders in there mouth?

yes 7 on average for people who sleep with their mouth closed, they just eat more of them... :D

Is it possible to yawn with mouth closed?

Yes. You can yawn, but your jaw will open, but your lips can stay closed.

Can you breathe with your nose closed?

If your mouth is open YES! If your mouth is closed NO!

Do seals sleep with there eyes closed?

Yes, seals sleep with their eyes closed.

How do bobcats sleep?

they sleep with their eyes closed

How do Bobcat sleep?

they sleep with their eyes closed

Do dogs sleep with ther eyes closed?

Yes, dogs sleep with their eyes closed.

How do you sleep with gum in your mouth?

Put gum in your mouth and fall to sleep. Simple as that.

Do gerbils sleep with there eyes open or closed?


What is something you can't help doing when you yawn?

There is nothing you cannot help doing when you yawn. You do not even need to open your mouth - it is certainly possible to yawn with a closed mouth.

Do cows sleep with their eyes opened or closed?

Closed, most definitely closed.

How does a dentist remove gold teeth from the mouth?

put you to sleep an wen you are sleep kick them in the mouth

Do owls sleep with their eyes closed?

No ,they sleep with their eyes open

Can you snore with your mouth closed?


How do the hen sleep?

With their eyes closed.

How do Hen sleep?

With their eyes closed.

Were do worms sleep?

worms sleep in your mouth. The y climb in when you are sleeping and they sleep with you.

What is the difference between open mouth kissing and closed mouth kissing?

closed mouth kissing isn't kissing, it's just rubbing your lips on someone.

Do fish go to sleep with eyes open or closed?

with the eyes closed

Wake up with dry mouth?

Close your mouth when you sleep

Why do you get a soar throat when you sleep with a fan on?

well you get a soar throat because the fan makes your throat dry even though you may be sleeping with your mouth closed.

Do floating turtles sleep with their eyes open or closed?

turtles do not sleep

How many spiders enter your mouth when your asleep?

If your mouth is closed no spiders enter your mouth, but if your mouth is open, thousands enter your mouth!

If my lips are closed, but my teeth' rows are separated, is my mouth open or closed?

Yes, it is closed, google again.