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Yes it is possible to do that install, BUT WHY ???? sounds like you think a Chevy engine has more available for it. first off, if your going with fuel injection from the Chevy, a wiring nightmare!! most of the stuff in the cougar wont work when your done. and if you go with a carb, same thing. unless your a wiring guru even more wont work. your best bet is try the swap with a 5.0 or even the 4.6 it will be easier to figure out the wiring when you switch the computers.

But the less headache way is to find a v8 model. i converted a fuel injected 4cyl mustang to a carbed v8 and am still trying to figure out how to get cruise on it again, plus i am thinking about doing the same thing with a 25th anniversary cougar.Good luck


AnswerFirst off, why put a Chevy engine in your Mercury!! I would locate the 5.0 OHC that was designed for that car or from a Thunderbird (same Engine). These are fine powerful motors. I have the 4.6 OHC in my 94 and it ROCKS!


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Q: Is it possible to stick a 350 V8 into a 1992 three point eight liter V6 cougar?
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