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a woman intuition is a powerful thing. If you really feel that you are with child request a blood test or just see your obgyn.

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Q: Is it possible to still get your period and be preg even if home preg tests were neg and the doctors urine test is neg but you have many symptoms and just FEEL pregnant should you request a blood test?
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no. you have till a week after the shot was due. but doctors are supposed to test for pregnancy before EVERY shot, if they are not doing so request it, or the baby could have disformities(if you do get pregnant while on shot, because it is not totally impossible).

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no it can not show,unless u request it

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A urine pregnancy test can give a reliable answer from around the day of a missed period whatever your symptoms. However at a clinic you can request a blood test to check as little as 10 days after presumed conception. 

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