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Yes, because freshman entry and lower division transfer is often treated the same. For both, they require HS transcripts, SAT/ACT scores (if any) and college transcripts, if any courses were taken, less than 60 semester units. Just be sure to take classes that will transfer. A great tool would be Some JCs offer high school-jump start programs where you complete the last 2 years of HS in the CC level setting, and these 2 years are the same as the 2 years you would have to take in college anyway! And those units transfer, but you will be considered an upper division transfer... not a freshman applicant. This option is great if you want to save 2 years of school and upper division transfer is a lot easier than trying to get into a college at the freshman level. It is possible to do this. However, unless the courses from the community college will transfer to the university, you may be spinning your wheels. This is because the university could require the same courses for your degree! Many community colleges have agreements with universities and so have a list of courses that will transfer. The answer varies widely depending on the college in question. Many (probably) most will be fine with it, but the safest thing to do is always to ask them directly.

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Q: Is it possible to take a few classes at a community college and still apply as a freshman at a state university?
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