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YES> IF the lender determines that your credit score meets their requirements for the loan. Is your credit GOOD enough to got the loan without a co-signor? Yes..In most cases prime lenders will remove if you refi or re-qualify with your credit. No...In the case that you're are dealing with a sub prime lender they will remove the co-signer from the title but not the contract. Some lenders prime and sub prime have different rules but the one listed above are usually the general rule of thumb.

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Q: Is it possible to take the co-signer's name off of your account?
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Soon to be ex husband is writing bad checks on your joint account?

You take your name off the checking account as soon as possible!!!!

Does a cosigner on a mortgage mean that person is an owner of the property?

Yes it does, Only after you refinance the property may you take the cosigners name of the mortgage loan.

Can you take money from your spouse's account?

Only if your name is on the account.

What if your not the primary name on the bank account can they take your money for a school loan?

The names on the account are irrelevant. If you've given them the account number, the school will take the money from the account - whether you're the primary name or not..

On YouTube can you change your name?

Yes you can! Just go under your account settings, there you will see where to change your name. Note: it might take a while to take effect. If your talking about Username, that is not possible unfortunately :( Hope I could help :)

What do I do when my ex-husband has his cell phone bill deducted from my bank account?


What are the legal bits that the business have to take into account?

Copyright. (Name of the business)

My checking and savings account have been frozen by a credit card company. My husband's name is not on this debt but we have a joint checking account. Can they take all of our money?

If it is a joint account, they can take the funds in that account. Depending on which state you live in, there are different exemption rules. In Michigan, they can take all the funds, even if the account is joint, as long as it has your name on it. If your husband had an account with his name only (which is what you may want to set up immediately), then they could not take those funds. Your husband is not legally responsible for your credit card debts if your name is the only name on the credit card. Check with your state's laws regarding collection and exemptions.

Does Arkansas law allow checking account garnishment?

Yes, they do. Unfortunately, they will take every penny that is in your account, and they won't tell you before they do it either. All they have to have is a judgement against you. I was falsely informed that if my husband's name was on the account that they couldn't take money from the account, but that wasn't true either. They can garnish any account with your name on it, or with you as a co-signer. The smart thing to do is to take your money from the account and have your pay deposited into an account that doesn't have your name on it...someone you trust like your spouse or parents or child. They can garnish your pay as well, but only 25%.

Is it possible for a joint account holder to take all the money from the other joint account holder?

yes both have equal rights to the money so one could easliy take out all the funds

If child has paternal last name who has more rights?

no difference. the law doesn't take into account the name of the child.

If cosigner pays off a defaulted loan is there a way to have a repossession removed from cosigners credit?

The LENDER put the repo on there so they will be the one to take it off. NEGOTIATE.

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