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As a rule, ANYTHING is POSSIBLE. IF you are willing to pay the price. Dont make any false statements in writing.

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Q: Is it possible to trade-in a car that is subjected to a repo for missed payments if you now have the money to pay those payments?
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How do you know if your lender bought your mortgage as a bad debt?

Perhaps if they bought it after you defaulted or had a history of late or missed payments.Perhaps if they bought it after you defaulted or had a history of late or missed payments.Perhaps if they bought it after you defaulted or had a history of late or missed payments.Perhaps if they bought it after you defaulted or had a history of late or missed payments.

How can you get back on track with missed car loan payments?

Just make a payment. The missed payments will show on your credit report but that's not really bad if you don't miss any future payments.

In the state of Georgia can a warrant be put out for the arrest of the buyer after one payment is missed on the vehicle?

Highly unlikely after one missed payment. But if you miss three or four payments AND hide the vehicle from the repo man, it is possible.

If a mortgage payment is 20 days late will that be reported to the credit bureaus?

Generally, late payments over 30 days late are reported to a credit reporting agency. After that, late mortgage payments can become "missed" mortgage payments. And missed payments can affect your credit score in a negative way. However, your exact late payment will depend on how your specific mortgage lender reports payments to the credit bureaus.

After how many missded payments does a lender foreclose?

In most cases a lender will file a notace of default after 3 missed payments.

How many missed mortgage payments before you get repossessed?

Its usually 3 months when the bank starts the paperwork and harrassing you to make payments

How many missed mortgage payments before it is placed on your credit report?


How many payments can be missed before foreclosure begins in South Carolina?


Can the mortgage company at any time take your home away if you are still making payments after bankruptcy?

Ususually in BK a house is either voluntarily surrendered, because it is not possible for the borrower(s) to keep up payments.. Or the buyer reaffirms the loan with the lender and works out a plan to repay missed payments. If your mortgage payments are current, I see no reason why the lender would seek foreclosure.

How many payments can be missed before foreclosure begins?

went through that myself its 3

How do you use the word seized in a sentence?

The bank seized our property after we missed three payments.

How many payments do you miss before wellsfargo forecloses in Oregon?

Not sure the case in Oregon, but usually after 3 missed payments, the foreclosure proceedings start.

Is it is possible to have an implantation bleeding on ninth day of your missed period just for a day?

is it possible to have implantation bleeding on ninth day of your missed period

How many payments missed on bank loan before calling co signer?

It depends on the bank but generally one missed payment is enough to call the cosigner

How many payments have to be missed in order for the lean holder to send your name to the credit berue?


Does the lender of a second mortgage have any recourse if the payments become late?

Yes, they will report the late payments to the credit bureaus which will damage your credit score, and if enough payments are missed can commence a foreclosure action on the property.

Is it possible that you are not pregnant even you missed your period?

Of course it's possible <3

Can you ask for a voluntary dismissal if your chapter 13 trustee has already asked for a dismissal for missed payments?


Is it possible to miscarry before missed period?


What does it mean if you've missed your period?

Possible pregnancy.

What is the earliest possible sign of pregnancy?

Missed period

Can the cosigner sell the house if his name is not on the deed and the primary borrower has missed 3 payments?

No. If you are not on the deed, you can't sell the property. The only "right" you have as a cosigner is the obligation to make the payments.

How many payments missed before foreclosure starts in Florida?

Different places can have various restrictions when it comes to foreclosure. However, in Florida you can miss 3 payments and then the foreclosure will start.

What happens if you are late on chapter 13 payments in the state of Georgia?

If you are late on a chapter 13 payment you are at risk of having your case dsmissed. Please try to make payments on time and make payments up if you missed any due to a miscommunication.

If you are behind with Chapter 13 payments is there anything you can do to prevent or stop a dismissal such as a payment for the past due amount?

The BK trustee usually waits until two payments have been missed and then files a Motion To Dismiss. There will be a time specified (usually 30 days) in which missed payments can be made up in FULL. If the amount owed is not presented before the time expires the 13 will be dismissed without further notice. If the filing is less than 60 months the trustee might agree to meet with the party involved to discuss possible modification of the BK plan.