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of course of course again - but dealers are much less happy with that. With loan rates so low, and dealer incentives they want to move new cars not clog their lots with old ones. So 1+1 won't equal 2 Trades are more valuable than cash to any dealer. The more trades the merrier. Boats, bikes, trailers, anything that can be sold. Keep in mind that a dealer will want to own both cars to a holesale price (not trade in book)so would give a lot less than trade in book for the 2nd trade

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โˆ™ 2006-01-24 00:42:42
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Q: Is it possible to trade in 2 used cars for a new one?
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Trade used car for new car?

Yes it's possible. It's what we called "trade-in".

Can you trade in 2 cars when you are buying a new one?

Yes, you can trade in two cars when you are buying a new car. If you have them, you can trade in 20 cars. When you are trading cars, you are literally selling one car to the dealer and purchasing one car from the dealer.

Can you trade 2 cars in to the dealer for 2 new cars?

eat pie.

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The DMV website have information about donating new or used cars. They have information regarding how to do it, the possible problems and tax issues related to the process.

Can you trade in your used car for a new one?

Used cars give you know value, unless they are antique (as depreciation reverses). Buying a new car is good option.

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The lowest priced hybrids are currently running around $22,500 for a new car. This price will of course drop with used cars, but used cars will not be at a car show.

Where do I find a place that I can trade in my old car and buy a new one?

Go to Toyota. They will trade in your junk car and trade it in for a new one of your choice. There are hundreds of new and awesome cars to choose from.

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Where can you buy repo cars in Auckland New Zealand?

Turners Auctions, Trade Me.

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