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Is it possible to turbo charge a 1976 Buick Skyhawk with the 'off-idle' engine and how?

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That guy down there is sort of right. its way more complicated than that though.

I really do not recommend you installing it yourself even if you are good with cars. It is such a pain to bend it right and all that good stuff. Believe me I've done it before

what you want to do is make sure that your engine is in good shape. I know that those 3.8l v6's are stronger than a 30 year old sh_t stain but you may have something wrong with it such as a dry gasket that might crack so on n so forth. I have the same car and it sat for 24 years. got a new battery and it started right up and i drove it home. so i know that you should have no problem with it. Maybe a couple stress tests to see if it can handle it. I don't want to say any specifics because a stress test can totally destroy your car.

Because it is a v6 and i know the engine bay like the back of my hand. a turbo will fit right in there very nicely

but personally i think you should supercharge it instead.

if your skyhawk has an astroroof on it than let me know. I would love to see a picture email me at wasup23@gmail.com

A turbo can be straped to any engine. it uses the exhast to drive a turbine. a separate turbine takes in air and forces it in to the intake.

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As close to the engine as is possible.As close to the engine as is possible.

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How do you use the rotational motion of a wheel to charge a battery?

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Can You Super Turbo Charge An Engine?

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