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Yes if your Razr is from Cingular or unlocked. You can not use a T-Mobile Razor with Cingular prepaid sim card or Globaltravellersim prepaid international sim card unless your phone is unlocked.

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How can you add minutes to a Cingular prepaid phone?

You can easily add minutes to a Cingular prepaid phone. You can do so from your actual cell phone if you have a payment option connected to your account. Otherwise, you can purchase a prepaid reload card in a store and load it to the device.

How do I program my son's cingular razor phone to be used for my account?

You can program your son's Cingular Razor Phone to be used for your AT&T account by switching out the SIM Card with a more recent one from AT&T. This way you don't have to buy a new phone.

Can you use multiple chargers for a cingular phone razor?

If you own a Cingular razor charger you are stuck with the charger it comes with or a replacement charger. The charger it comes with is the only type of charger it can use therefore you cannot use any other type of charger with the Cingular razor.

What features are offers on the cingular phone razor?

The new cingular phone, the Razor, offers many excellent features including; bluetooth accessability, compactivity, a built-in camera, and is also usable in over 100 different countries.

Can you trade a prepaid phone?

It is true. It is possible to trade a prepaid phone.

What is the advantage of getting a Cingular prepaid phone?

In certain regions the Cingular network has better service and network coverage than other competitors. It is common for Cingular to have a better signal strength in rural areas.

What companies offer Cingular pay as you go phones?

The companies that offer cingular pay as you go phones include, but are not limited to Cingular One (now called AT&T) and Verizon. Singular prepaid GoPhones offer pay as you go and pick your plan prepaid payment options and a variety of phone models, making them a popular choice for prepaid phones.

Can a Cingular Sim be used on a Chocolate Phone?

Its possible if you rewire it correctly

Does Cingular have any LG brand phones for their prepaid phone plans?

The LG CU400 is a speedy and attractive cell phone with access to high-speed 3G content such as Cingular Video plus access to cool mobile applications like ...

Cingular Cell?

A firefly is only available for Cingular service. That said, you can set it up however you want. Whether it is on a one/two year contract or a Go Phone (Cingular's Prepaid service). This can be done either at your local Cingular store or online at

Can you use a Cingular Sim card in a virgin mobile prepaid phone?

Virgin Mobile uses CDMA, so their phones do not take SIM cards.

Can you take the sim card out of your existing cingular phone and put it in a cingular go phone and have it work not as a go phone?

It will work as your existing phone.

Can you change your pcs phone to a cingular sim phone?

i have a pcs phone and i have an old cingular phone i really liked it has a sim card pcs does not can it be done

What is a prepaid phone?

A prepaid phone is a phone that you pay as you go .

Can you use a Cingular Sim card in a t-mobile prepaid phone?

On some t-mobile phones you can use your cingular/at&t sims card,but on some phones after putting a t-mobile sims card in a cingular phone may cause the phone to lock up.....BUT u can unlock your phone by calling your network from another phone or logging on to your account on the internet(I PERFER CALLING YOUR NETWORK).You can also unlock it but putting another cingular sims card back in a cingluar phone then your phone should work correctly if still locked call your service provider but your t-mobile phone shouldn't get locked if u put a cingular sims card in it your phone should work perfectly fine but if not call u service provider.

Can you change your contract phone into a prepaid phone?

can you change a prepaid phone into a conctract phone

Where is it possible to purchase a prepaid card from Alltel?

A prepaid card from Alltel can be bought in phone stores, or even stop-by stores. It is also possible to buy an AllTel prepaid card through online stores like prepaidonline.

Can you use the samsung mythic as a prepaid phone?

Just make sure that you tell them you want a prepaid phone and you can get any phone as a prepaid phone

what is a cingular wireless 8125?

The cingular wireless 8125 is a cell phone with a slide out qwerty keyboard. Use of this cellular device must be done through Cingular Wireless, which is a mobile phone service.

Will a prepaid AT and T sim card work for a T-mobile phone?

depends on the type of phone but its possible

IS the LG VX8300 a prepaid cell phone?

Is the LG vx8300 a prepaid cell phone? Is the LG vx8300 a prepaid cell phone?

Can you make any phone prepaid?

No. You need to buy a special, and not always offered, plan for a phone to be prepaid.No, you have to buy a prepaid phone.

How can you get access to a pass code on a cingular phone?

passcode for the SIM or the phone itself? Contact Cingular customer support or your owner's manual on the handset

Can you put a prepaid sim card in a contract phone and it will be prepaid?

Yes you can. . . .for example you can put a at&t prepaid go phone SIM into an at&t contract phone and it will still be prepaid.

Can you use a cingular sim in a t- mobile phone?

If you are trying to use the T-Mobile phone with your Cingular SIM, and maintain your Cingular service, you will have to call T-Mobile to get a Subsidy Unlock code, and unlock the phone to be used with Cingular's service.