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Go to connections, search for wireless connections in the area, then if it requires a password, get the password from the administrator or whoever holds it.

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Q: Is it possible to use your wireless connection with someone else's internet connection when you are away from home?
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How can you tell if someone is using your wireless router connection?

It is not always easy to see if someone is using a wireless router connection without the permission of the owner. If it is suspected that someone else is using wireless router Internet connection, it is wise to change the password for the wireless router.

How do you you use someone elses wireless internet?

Ask them for the connection details.Ask them for the connection details.Ask them for the connection details.Ask them for the connection details.

How do you connect your playstation3 to internet without wireless router or internet provider?

Duh you don't. The PS3 does not provide internet you have to provide the internet. A wireless router will not connect to the internet either without an internet provider. Sure there is a way you can turn on the search for the connection when setting up your PS3 internet connection and hijack someone else's signal to there internet provider. This would only work if you find an unprotected signal strong enough to play games on. This will not work unless someone has a unprotected WiFi connection. When it does work it is because the WiFi on a PS3 searches for strong WiFi signals to allow connection to your internet and because some people do not password protect their WiFi internet connectionIt should also be noted that when I was using WiFi to connect a password protected connection help the connection better and a stolen signal cannot be password protected unless you also have there password. I currently use a wired connection and have almost from the beginning because it is the best connection possible

Can someone who is not computer savvy set up a wireless internet connection, or can some serious damage be done?

It's easy to set up a wireless connection with Qwest. Other providers will also provide you with equipment and instructions.

Do you get free online with a PS3?

If your question is asking how you get access to the Sony store and access to the free Sony PS3 features you just need to go online and register yourself. Sony does not provide a free internet connection with the Sony PlayStation 3, but does offer the ability to receive both an Ethernet Cable connection and or a wireless connection. You must go to the setting menu of the PlayStation 3 and go all the way down to network settings, then you choose the internet connection setting. If you do not have an Ethernet connection the PlayStation 3 will search for a wireless connection when you choose auto after the PS3 tells you that it can not detect an Ethernet connection. When I set up my PS3 I noticed that it detected many possible sites besides the one for my wireless router and asked me to choose the site. I ended up buying a 50 foot Ethernet cable and not using the wireless because I found that the connection was slightly better with the cable. I do know that some places offer free internet wireless access if you live near one of them. If someone near you has a wireless internet connection and is not using a password protected site your wireless capability in the PS3 may also allow it access to the signal. It is then possible to log on and use the internet.

Does anyone know how to block someone elses wireless internet connection on my ipod touch so i just have my own?

Call your service provider

What do you connect from your computer to your Xbox 360 to get Xbox live?

You don't connect your computer to the Xbox to get Xbox Live. You must attach an ethernet cable (the bigger telephone cable) with an internet connection to the port in the back of the xbox. You can also purchase the wireless adapter to put on the back as well to pick up your (or someone else's) wireless internet connection. once you have the internet connection set up it pretty much takes it from there!

Secure Your Wireless Internet Service?

When you have a wireless internet service, you should know that, if you leave it unsecured, as in, without password protection, then literally anybody who's in the area and carrying a wireless device can piggyback on your connection. At the least, this will result in slower internet, and at the worst, it could be an identity thief or hacker stealing information from you. As soon as you set up your wireless internet service, set it up with a password. The last thing in the world you need is for someone to steal your email password or financial information due to an unsecured connection.

What is wireless broadband internet service?

Cable or DSL internet services from a reliable ISP such as IVC Telecom

What is the wpa key for PS3 to get on the internet?

All the ads showing features for the PS3 state Online connectivity requires broadband internet service and network devices such as a DSL or cable modem. Most people who have this also require a router and an ethernet cable or a wireless router to allow connection of more than one device to there internet service. Once the PS3 is connected with an ethernet cable or you have a wireless router then you go to the PS3 main menu settings and then the Network setting then network connections. If you do not have the internet you can not set up a wireless connection just because the PS3 has wireless, unless you use someone else's wireless signal

What is the password for the wi-fi connection of 2wire142?

Wireless internet is local, so 2WIRE142 is someone's wireless internet that is next to you that someone (e.g. next door neighbor) is paying for, so distributing the password would be illegal. In other words, if you want wireless internet, either go to Starbucks, go to a friend's house, or just pay for it yourself. Nothing in life is free.

What is NAT negotiation failed?

If your NAT test fails... that means you do not have enough "space" for you to use what ever your trying to use on your internet. For example, for your Xbox360, on a wireless connection, make sure laptops, and other wireless connecting things off off. If you have none of these, Someone could be connecting to your wireless internet without you knowing! Call your provider to setup a pass code!!

What is drive-by hacking?

Drive-by hacking is when someone uses an unsecured wireless network to either gain access to that networks resources or using that internet connection for hacking into other systems on the internet making themselves almost untraceable.

Does wi-fi cost money?

Usually no. If you get it from your house (wireless router for example) or from a restruant (like McDonalds) they won't charge you. But if you use someone else's wireless connection (like another person or some money-grabbing business), they might charge you. I think Nintendo has a list of businesses/restruants that won't charge you for using their wireless internet connection on their website. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

How do you connect a laptop to the internet using wireless connection i have a wireless router and it used to be connected but then it disconected so how do i connect it again?

I use to have this problem all the time on my laptop. Eventually we had to switch providers. You can try making sure you are receiving a connection and then diagnose the connection. That should tell you what is wrong. Depending on what the answer is will determine what you need to fix. Try seeing if your IP address is still functioning. If you have another computer with internet access, you could probably go to your internet provider's website and get on a help chat desk to talk live with someone.

Do you have to have Internet connection to send someone a message on wii?


How long does the average install on the ps3 take?

Connecting it to the TV is easy and fast, connecting it to the internet is fast for someone who has a Wireless internet connection. Time becomes a problem when you do not have the wireless internet connection and have to purchase a wireless router and then connect that. When you have an HDTV and want to make a HD connection and also have determine what type of connection you are going to make (HDMI, Component, S-Video) and when an where to purchase the optional equipment. It's still not a major undertaking and if you are just going to plug a HDMI cable into the Back of the HDTV and into the Back of the PS3, you just need to plug in the power supply to be up and ready to start the set up. You can be playing games in less than 15 minutes

Can someone hack your PC without known internet-connection?

I'm no Security engineer, but I do know a bit about computer security. If there is no internet connection, the only way for your computer to be attacked is through pre-installed/downloaded software or code or by someone physically downloading something after the internet is disconnected.

Where can someone find the speed of their internet connection?

Someone can find the speed of someone's internet connection from several different places. Speakeasy is one such site. Speedtest is another such site. Testmyspeed is a third site.

Can someone tell you how to install Skyrim on another PC with no internet?

As it says on the box, an internet connection is required. So it can't be played on a computer with no internet connection, if it's unable to do a one-time connection to validate the activation key.

Is it possible for someone to know your Internet search history if you deleted it?

no it is not possible

Can someone see what you download when connected to a router?

Depends on how your connected wired or wirlessly. Wireless connection: Most definitely. You are very open to somebody checking out what you are doing Wired connection: Its still possible to monitor somebody, but it just got a whole lot harder.

Can you use wireless internet at the same time as someone else?

Yeah, wireless internet can connect a few inernet's, after a while though you will need to get a router extension if you have more than4 internets running.

What is the definition of connection?

It usually refers to your internet connection.The word connection refers to how a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something or someone else.

What is the wi fi password to pisd?

Wireless internet is local, so "pisd" is someone else's wireless internet that is next to you that someone (e.g. next door neighbor) is paying for, so distributing the password would be illegal. In other words, if you want wireless internet, either go to Starbucks, go to a friend's house, or just pay for it yourself. Nothing in life is free.